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  • Nov 30 Tue 1999 21:14
  • japan

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an average trip back to hk form china is like 3 and half hours.... so boredom knocks on our door... but we didn't open the door for him and instead we would usually play silly word games... and silly word games equals to silly losers which equals to silly photo uploads as penalty.....hohoho ... yeah i didn't loose.. yeepeee




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came home one day and found that my dung dung somehow managed to get hold of my sock and just wouldn't let go....


某日回家之後我家的dung dung一直對我的襪子情有獨鍾不肯鬆口


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  • Nov 30 Tue 1999 19:44
  • thanks

wrking hard fi


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fi once again plays with her food after dinner

ingrediants r as follows:

cream soup, srimp shells, my managers glasses, and herbs.....

thank u very much

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she's not finnished, shall name her when she tells me that she's ready..

she helped me ignored the news surrounding me some scream to get it all out some drink some cry i've cried just to realize that i am not those 'some-one' so i painted

as i drew her she talked to me, and peace came in , and i came to realize that people do what they do because they had to, not that they had the intention to hurt anybody, so i guess the press just did it 2 keep their jobs. i painted to keep myself peaceful...
it was lovely and romantic... listening to various music which i love in the middle of the night painting something which i do not what it would be.

i paint and all that's not important, all that's fake are forgotten... all i remember are comforting simple talks from frens & family....thank you so much for your calls...i shall paint somemore tomorrow ... wish you all a beautiful new year with love and happiness

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hey hey wishing u all a great new yr!!!! have lots of fun on your holiday, eat lots and treasure the simple and relaxing moments with your family and friends... i could already feel that the year of the pig's gonna b a great one for all of us!!! hope that we could all do tones of great deeds for others in need of it... may it be a simple phone call 2 show that you care, simple hug to a big favour just so that u make it just as great for them as for us!!!

ps i know the pics are a little random.. haven't been taking a lot of new pics lately so jus trying 2 let u guys c wut u have not yet seen hahahaha



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done on canvas.. it's pretty large in live size.. how i wish you could see it... but all the 3 paintings
that i have done will be printed as postcards for my next album which will be out this month very soon...
hope you'll b keep her well....


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would thought you'd like to see through my happy moments... though a picture could not possibly tell how grateful i was because the award that i got really belonged to the great promoters and the writers and producer of the song so i was super high that night on their behalf since they had to be sensible adults wahaha.... lets say their names here again....  

thanks edward and charles 4 making those impossible notes... still remember talking to you after the jamie show whilst cueing up for taxi how i thought the demo itself was so imppossibly fast i wonder how the whole song was gonna happen... well it did.. and it did nicely... chow yiu fai..... oh my i know you had such hard times fitting those words in but you made it happen beautifully in a cool way... evi & sai fay you guys rocked with me in the studio during those sessions must've been tiring eh? can't wait to party with u in there sum more!!!!

thanks to all my supportive fans and also those who called or messaged to congradulate .... yeah i know this upload is a bit late but i am always kinda slow on things  : P

luv fi

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fi is in china now making my new drama.... 'sum butt lew ching''.. i would really love to update you with a lot of things that i've experienced and enjoyed here. but b for i do that someday later i would like you all to help me with a little something very precious.

my doggy 'dung dung' who i luv too much 2 b without is very very sick in hk... he's now in this oxygen box... he can't even really breath properly... and i was told that he might b leavin me these few days... i am so very afraid that i would not b able 2 see him when i come back because i don't get to come back to hk until end of month... so just want to ask 4 a little favour from all of you that you can pray for him everynight until he gets well.

i don't know if that's too much to ask for but i hope that he would make it through with all your

thanks 2 everyone of you & God bless you all...

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  • Nov 30 Tue 1999 19:03
  • hk

there are a lot of things that i miss about it, simple little things... not that anything is bad here, but just little bits and pieces that somehow could not b replaced.

i thought of one the other day, it's my drawing of 'the girl' in one of the studios that i record in.
she's been placed there for a long time and when i left that studio for the last time recording a remix for ha chi ha chi for moov.com i was planning to take her with me to taiwan. but then she seems to belong there so i let her stay.

i know she looks like a he...

luv fi

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love drawing in trips and so i did do so during this japan of mine....

so here r the sketches i did in the bumby car trips that i've promised 2 show u guys in the revious
upload. dunno which way you should b looking at them b cuz when i draw i rotate the paper 360 degrees everynow&then depending on my mood. so there is never a right or wrong way of looking at these sketches...

hope you would c wut you'd like 2 c in them.... enjoy

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had a rough 1st meeting at cr2 about me and stephs exciting concert...afterwards we were interviewed by magazines one by one... and whilst steph was being interviewed i just kept on taking pics with her... so as u can see she's always not lookin at da camera...
hope she wasn't annoyed heh.....



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my 1st time ridin on a crane ....up up she goes.... though i am normally so afraid of height i couldn't stop givin it a try when i saw my dear mommy (da one in the movie) "on on" havin so much fun on it ..... as they lifted me up i wanted to scream "faster faster" but then again i know it's not a ride in ocean park so i kept my mouth shut. but to ride on the crane looking back down at my house ( my house in da movie) was very romantic indeed ... it looked like this really
beautiful picture... how i missed it... 



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1st sketch fi arrives


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bday past not long ago and thought i'd like to share some of the photos from a warm dinner party i had with some friends. it felt really good to spent my bday back here in hk, to simply see familiar faces of friends, family, fans, and simply the streets of hk ....

gonna leave again in less then a week, to record my 3rd song in taiwan... i heard that there was this strong typhoon there when i left , and ...woops... i think i left half a window opened... lets see what happens when i go back.

love fi


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reflection of lights in room


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