Welcome to my yahoo page... been pretty busy lately
with my hit concert which i had just finnished... so
whenever i am free now would be staying home just to
simply recharge myself for up coming work.... covering
up myself with my blanket as you can see in da pic


will be upoading pics and news of whatever i do and
whatever i think woukld be interesting for you guys to
88 ...... so see yaaaaaaaaaaa and welcome to my page

luv fi



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  • 穆易飛
  • 看看你的第一篇
  • 娃娃
  • 好靓女啊~!
  • 娃娃
  • 好靓女啊~!
  • 娃娃
  • 好靓女啊~!
  • skycaptain
  • <p>Hi I am Dicky  多多上來我個blog la </p>
  • yan
  • 我好鍾意你的聽歌!
  • Rachel
  • Rachel
  • 棒仔
  • <p>Hi! i like u so much,i enjoy your songs and films,you are the best singer in my heart!</p> <p>i wish everything would be nice for you in 2006. i support you for ever.</p>
  • 這是私人回應
  • 這是私人回應
  • 這是私人回應
  • 斌仔
  • <p>Fi~Fi~好得意啊~~D相好靓哦,自拍0架?映得几好啊!呢个BLOK好啊,可以多D见到Fi~Fi!</p><p>-LUV FI~4EvEr-</p>
  • HAHA
  • 香港人平常都說蝦米語言阿??@@"""
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  • Te哩
  • Sorry,部機shot shot 地,所以發o左甘多帖~~~
  • Te哩
  • So casual and natural~~~
  • Te哩
  • So casual and
  • Te哩
  • So casual ans
  • Te哩
  • So casual anf
  • Te哩
  • So casual
  • Te哩
  • So casual~~~
  • Luk
  • So cutie!!  But why your pics are not clear?
  • 這是私人回應
  • Ball Ball
  • <font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffff80;" color=#ff80bf>Gorgeous Little thingie..</font>
  • karon
  • wow!!fifi very cutie!!!
  • 大口仔
  • <p>thx for sharing your photo.....</p><p>hope you can share more photo here</p>
  • Victorlolo
  • <p>hello , i m victorlolo</p><p>nice photos</p>
  • Terry
  • I like your songs and movies very much. Keep your style as you 're very nature and lovely.
  • EDDY
  • <p>Nice pic, I think you have a nice day exactly. I believe you will have another nice day soon. Perhaps you can take more rest in order to enjoy your life more.</p>
  • 這是私人回應
  • WinWin
  • 歡迎您
  • 阿芷
  • <p>fiona~我好鍾意聽你個一首男孩像你~<br/>好好聽呀! 哈哈~<br/>你可以去回我嗎?<br/>其實你會唔會日日都上黎睇或者打日記ka?</p>
  • 老鬼dan
  • <p>wow</p><p>fiona</p><p>the secord photo in this blog is just like</p><p>SIU HO--The funny woman in the "AR RON SUN YUEN"</p><p>she sing well so do you</p><p>Have a nice day</p><p>HAPPY BLOGING </p>
  • Sunny
  • <span style="FONT-FAMILY:Georgia;">Wow...this is a splendid one...so will u be abandoning ur hompy? Juz ask...hope u're fully recharged by now n hv enough energy to cope with ur work. As for myself, I hv little time for rest...I'd juz listen to ur songs in between my revision...but it is refreshing enough n such passion motivates me to work hard. ur concert is the best one so far and is so superbly cool tat it reveals all of my passion for u n reassures me tat it goes on 4ever. Ur pics stun me n make me think of sleeping beauty...u're simply too beautiful to be described by words, n  I'd very much love 8ing wtever u upload here...hvnt seen u for quite a long time n i'm not feeling gd about it...miss u so much:(...wish u all the best.</span>
  • fionaamy
  • <p>hi..fifi........yr blog is gd ar..luv u vy much....waiting for yr new cd ar,,i'll buy ga....=].......</p><p> </p>
  • bebe
  • hi hi i like ur blog !!!^^
  • onlyfi→小儀
  • <p>fi fi you're so cute ar!</p><p>I very love you&support you ar!^^</p>
  • mm
  • <p>welcome to Yahoo blog, you are only one up-comming female singer! </p>
  • katie
  • <p>fiona thx u hv upload funny face again, ho hoi sum tonight u in jsg sing bird song er</p><p>thx u again stop car with fans take pics er</p> <p>anyway support support</p><p>                                                             Katie</p>
  • katie
  • <p>fiona thx u hv upload funny face again, ho hoi sum tonight u in jsg sing bird song er</p><p>thx u again stop car with fans take pics er</p> <p>anyway support suppot</p><p>                                                             Katie</p>
  • Connie!!!!!!!
  • FIONA!!!!!! hahaha~ yup ah , we are ho 8 ga~~ so dor d update la hahaa~ nice pics , upload more woh~ coz you know la, ngoh dei gum 8 ,  two pics ng enough la haha~ !! hoho~ check out my page too !PLEASEEEE ~ 
  • dan97
  • <p>Hi</p><p>Good idea to take some rest.... i like fi with no "black eye" when taking your photo... coz will buy your new mini album once it is out...</p><p>dan97</p>