fi once again plays with her food after dinner

ingrediants r as follows:

cream soup, srimp shells, my managers glasses, and herbs.....

thank u very much




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  • 栗子@fiona
  • 好得意ar^^
  • 新浪潮
  • <p> </p><p>額頭的 皺紋怎么 是 竪着的 ??</p><p>呵呵</p> <p>難怪會撇嘴,哦</p><p> </p>
  • @_@
  • haha, it's so funny!
  • 拓哉
  • <p>thatz cute as u, haaa</p><p>btw, i watched the TVB award and soooo happy that "Boys like You" got an award~</p><p>SUPPORT and cheer up!!! <img src=""></p>
  • ╰*阿八。╮
  • <font face=verdana size=1>
    <p>it's very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br/>haha~~~~fi is so cute~~<br/>it seems that fi likes to play with food very much~~</p><p>support fi 4ever!!!~~</p><p> </p></font>
  • ╰*阿八。╮
  • <font face=verdana size=1>
    <p>it's very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br/>haha~~~~~~<br/>it seems that fi likes to play with food very much~~</p></font>
  • Ti_tw
  • thx sharing lol
  • fionafans
  • <p>halo~fiona~hahaaaaaaaaaa.........</p><p>y u always to play the after food?that are funny thing~!!!!</p><p>hahahaaaaaaaa................</p><p>by : Thomas</p>
  • Sunny
  • <p>Oops sorry...its ur managers...but u do look cute with one...n u make me high with one. XD</p>
  • Sunny
  • Wow its only two days i havent used the computer n u've updated ur blog twice already....totally speechless...well u're a real artist, so creative making faces with scraps which r of great resemblance to a real one. By the way nice spectacle of urs, u look very cute with it...n u're simply so cooooooool!!!
  • fionaamy
  • <p>haha~^o^"vy funny...</p><p> </p>
  • Davidoff
  • <p>Cute n' Creative idea ! XDDD</p><p>ingredients ? shrimp ?</p>
  • Kimi 或是 Lils ( ^.^ )
  • Mr. Cream Soup, huh? Pretty interesting wor, but watch out if u drop down ur Manager's glasses into Mr. Cream's face! O'well, I've just sounded a bit silly, but u know what I wanted to mean la... By the way, get into the Food's Decoration World! may you can b a Good Decorator! <img src="">... Other thing far away from the "Mr. Cream Soup" sibject that I want to say is that I wish that Everyone who read this comment/message of mine (inluding Miss Fiona, for sure and if it's possible) could make a little Prayer, the reason why I'm asking for it you can be able to find it at the time you visit my Blog, there you'll get my explanation. Thanks to All! <img src=""> Good Day! <img src="">
  • thomas
  • yeah... it really looks like a gentleman... quite creative... funnyyyyy...
  • [&amp;#39;&amp;#39;丫婷&amp;#39;&amp;#39;]
  • HAHA,,
    fi's imagination is so funny..
  • 阿土伯
  • :) it looks great~
  • Windy
  • hahaha,it’s really funny 
  • 阿KATH
  • HAHA u are so funny
  • 阿KATH
  • /\/\+ OIL
  • 小狗andison
  • <p>haha..u are really funny...always play with your food</p>
  • gcandy
  • <p>im also finished my dinner.</p><p>today my mom cook curry chicken.</p><p>not very chilly... i ate 2 bolw....</p><p> a fat fat girl lo/....</p>