went for anual body check the other day... and their
needles totally freaked me out ... was scared by just
looking at the needles and then the nurse told me that
the needle that she uses for me is already a baby
needle and not an adult one... then.... i yelled...
went i got the shot.. and to comfort me.. my god... i
got a snow white plaster instead of those normal
boring beige ones.. hohoho... i shall yell more next
time maybe she'll give me a pack heh....

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  • <p><font color=#ff409f>你冇事呀嘛?</font></p><p><font color=#ff409f>我都有呢一款o既迪迪尼</font></p><p><font color=#ff409f>膠布,我個d係winnie the pooh黎~````</font></p>
  • ↖狗*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:* 安↘
  • <p><font color=#ff409f>你冇事呀嘛?</font></p><p><font color=#ff409f>我都有呢一款o既迪迪尼</font></p><p><font color=#ff409f>膠布,我個d係winnie the pooh黎~````</font></p>
  • ↖狗*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:* 安↘
  • <p><font color=#ff409f>你冇事呀嘛?</font></p><p><font color=#ff409f>我都有呢一款o既迪迪尼</font></p><p><font color=#ff409f>膠布,我個d係winnie the pooh黎~````</font></p>
  • ↖狗*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:* 安↘
  • <p><font color=#ff409f>你冇事呀嘛?</font></p><p><font color=#ff409f>我都有呢一款o既迪迪尼</font></p><p><font color=#ff409f>膠布,我個d係winnie the pooh黎~````</font></p>
  • Mod
  • <p align=center><font color=#ff0000>hahaha~ I didn't realize that's your arm LOL"   I thought it was some kinda furniture lol""</font></p> <p align=center><font color=#ff0000>be tough and yell more next time</font> <img src="http://hk.yimg.com/i/icon/16/18.gif"></p>
  • 呀S
  • <p>take care !!! fi ~~</p>
  • <p><font color=#8000ff>aww...the snow white band-aid thingy is so cute ^^ <br/>i didnt kno they had those..i also get those ugly normal ones =)</font></p>
  • Kimi—or–Lils {^.~&amp;quot;}
  • Once I had to get 3 shots at once, 2 on the left arm and 1 on the right, or it was the other way round? O.o, Ok! continuing... and they didn't give me any band-aid! but just clear it up with a cotton(dry one, by the way =.=) and well, i didn't really needed any band-aids (i guess) 'cause i didn't bleed like a fountain. haha ^0^. in the end I had a pain on my arms but it faded away... Oh well, why am I tellin' this story anyways? i guess just to share something w/everyone... 8Bye! Good Day to All! ^_^
  • See.m3.Fly
  • <p>Oui j'aimerais bien qu'elle nous réponde.. Mais est-ce qu'elle a le temps et puis.. Est-ce qu'elle va voir mes commentaires .. J'espère mais bon voilà quoi.</p><p>Oh mais attend ! quelqu'un d'autre parle le français <img src="http://hk.yimg.com/i/icon/16/4.gif"> c'est cool ça lol !</p> <p> </p>
  • 僕はキノです
  • <p>Quelle surpris! Il y quelqu'un qui parle le français dans ce blog, c'est vraiement marrant.<br/>Je n'étais pas sûr si Mlle Fiona parle le français, merci pour ta nouvelle.<br/>J'espère bien qu'un jour Mlle Fiona  écrit quelque chose dans ce blog en français, ce serait très intéressant <img src="http://hk.yimg.com/i/icon/16/35.gif"></p>
  • See.m3.Fly
  • <p>Coucou ! Alors comme ça mademoiselle Fiona sait parler le français.. lol</p><p>Bienvenue au club alors, moi aussi ! Je suis une fille dont les parents ont décidé d'aller vivre en France ^^..</p><p>Oui bon voilà je vais arrêter de raconter ma vie parce que c'est pas ce que je voulais dire.. J'voulais te dire que tu chantes bien ^^ j'adore ta voix (elle est magnifique) et tu es très jolie !</p><p>Et bonne santé ^^ <img src="http://hk.yimg.com/i/icon/16/3.gif"></p>
  • 這是私人回應
  • thomas
  • <p>yea... yell louder next time... perhaps u won't get a pack of plasters any more... u'll recieve a pack of lovely pacifiers in order to make the hospital silent... haha... i'm sorry... just joking... btw, looking forward to your new movie... as i know, u hv already started acting it...  add oil!</p>
  • Dessy Ressy
  • <p>is that plaster? it doesnt look like.... ^^</p> <p>but its cool lol</p>
  • 云YaN. 恩
  • ho cute ar ^_^ HAHA
  • 僕はキノです
  • <p>Bonjour! J'ai entendu parler que tu parles le français, donc j'essais de laisser un messge en français comme une petite surprise.</p><p>Je viens de écouter ton CD, c'est mon aim qui m'as passé, j'aime bien tes chansons 'L'amour' et 'L'amant blanc' , j'espère que tu peux chanter de plus en plus de chansons si jolies comme ça, et peut-être un jour, une chansons en français (pourquoi pas?)</p><p>J'ai aussi un blog, si tu as du temps, tu es toujours bienvenu de venir le voir!</p><p>Bon courage et à bientôt!</p>
  • donna*
  • <p>OH.....</p><p>      SO CUTE!!</p>
  • James
  • ....無奈 =='''
  • Ken
  • Cute....
  • 隨緣
  • <p>A Nice snow white plaster ,next time yell louder as you as you can.</p><p>But i more like Keroppi and Hello Mami(Kitty)</p>
  • 朱建新
  • 祝身體健康
  • 阿寶
  • <p>我終於知道那段英語的意思了......你要多注意身体喔!!當然每年檢查一次身体檢查</p><p>也是好事,像我...好像都沒去檢查過</p>
  • Sunny
  • couldnt figure out itz a plaster until u tell it...haha u always overreact to things, even a needle n a plaster...u're like 4ever childlike n juvenile in the eye public...n perhaps tatz part of the reason y i'm crazy 4 u...hope the results of ur body check will turn out fine...
  • 夏米狗
  • oh!!!y u hv to do body check ge??
    in fact the plaster is very cutie!!!!
    hope u mo c la!!!
    support u 4ever!!!!!!!
    and now quite cold ar, dunt 4got wear more clothes r!
  • ANTI-fiona
  • <p>same as my my name</p>
  • Vincent
  • hey fiona! and halo to everyone here too..hehe..i'm new here....this is the 1st time i see this kind of plaster..wakakka..hope i can have a plaster wif fiona's picture on it next time..keke..<br/>
  • Connie!!!!!!!
  • <p>WAHAHAHAHA~ laugh die joh lak~~ you yelled at the nurse?? poor nurse~~  hahaha nice woh snowwhite band-aid~~ when i went to donate blood two weeks ago they only gave me a cotton ball ja!!!! so unfair woh!! !! hehee~~</p>
  • 流浪者
  • <p>終於.......</p><p>FIONA你最近很忙吧!!!</p><p>多注意身體喔~</p><p>在台灣已經有越來越多你的代言產品~</p><p>希望你快來台灣發展</p>
  • coolboy
  • <p>lol<br/>she treats you as a little kid<br/>and i think she is better to give you a litile kiss<br/>heehee :D</p>
  • 羊咩咩
  • lol  she really treats you as a kid
  • Sunny(3X,slhk)
  • Baby needle for a cute baby ... hohoho<br/><br/>Hope your body is okay la.  Everyone was worrying about you last evening when you arrived at the function, looked unwell in the car.  Take good care of yourself and have more rest!<br/><br/>Warmest regards<br/>Sunny(3X)<br/>
  • Vincent
  • <p align=left>終於update la~~等左好耐la~~</p><p align=left>冇事ma??hurt唔hurt ar??呢幾日凍番ar...著番多d衫ar~~</p><p align=left>唔知你有冇icq或者msn呢??~~如果有ge希望你可以add我la...我真係好希望可以同你傾計ga~~</p><p align=left>icq:245499599   msn:fancheukHOTMAIL .com</p><p align=left> </p><p> </p>
  • Victorlolo
  • <p>quite interesting @v@ , this may due to ur funny image in public's view...heheh</p><p>same as what katie said , and remember drink more warm water to keep ur voice sweet and attractive ! :P</p>
  • fionaamy
  • <p>o..=)fi update blog la..snow white,,so cute wo...=P<br/>fi remember take more rest to keep healthy ar...k<br/>i love u*333*hahaha*</p><p>luvfa*</p><p> </p>
  • gcandy
  • wau !! tat's cooL..the snow white plaster
  • Katie
  • <p>Dear fiona,</p><p>u really ho bc bor, today cold jor ho doe er, wear more 33 first and wed u go tvb again, if hv time i will go to see u, mo time next time la^^ long time mo update bor, so cute snow white hahahahaha</p><p>                           </p>
  • dan97
  • <p>Hi Fi,</p><p>Wish your health is OK and remember to take some rest... I can see you work really hard recently (after CNY)</p><p>dan97</p>
  • R
  • Ouch...Hope it doesn't hurt too much. Like your band-aid looks really vintage. =)
  • ★四眼溫妮莎★
  • .....(汗)