on our way 2 wrk in china me & endy played games in da car... he lost and so had to pretend 2 be this flower 4 me 2 upload ..which ended up so scary  i dunno y...so... here u go... : P


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  • 金順
  • very very cute and horrible!!!!!!!!!!
  • 陳小茄
  • well..咁似馮德倫既..-333-
  • Pauline
  • <table cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0>
    <td vAlign=top height=250><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#bfbf00;">嘩!!!係Endy黎?<img src="http://hk.yimg.com/i/icon/16/6.gif"></font></td></tr>
    <td style="" height=1>
  • 愛情醫生JERRY
  • <strong><em><cite>O........不得了的女人</cite></em></strong>
  • 蔥頭 plant
  • <p>brabra好可愛呀-3-</p>
  • 呀S
  •  @..@"
  • pren@suka
  • ......y u like to bet wif pretent to be  "flower" while playing game leh????<br/><br/><br/>i wonder!!!!<br/><br/>last time u lost to khaili in badminton this time u win endy in a game!!!!!<br/><br/><br/>lol....<br/><br/>win and loose is always around us....juz dun know when they come upon us......<br/><br/><br/>^_^<br/>
  • Amazing man
  • 我仲以前係周國棉(賢)...... ^^!
  • TVB
  • 啊啊啊啊啊啊
  • c|||||ok*
  • <font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#000000;" color=#ff80ff>I LUB<cite><strong><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ff0000;"> <font color=#ffff00>ENDY</font></font></strong></cite> SO MUCHHHHH>3<<br/>POST DOR d kui d photo arrr!!!<br/><font color=#ff0000>ENDY!!<img src="http://hk.yimg.com/i/icon/16/7.gif"></font></font>
  • fionafans
  • <p>haaa* Is he Endy?? so terrible ar....*</p><p>but his face so funny....^^*</p>
  • Tung
  • he look like a ghost ...lol
  • 趙雲
  • 扮得好似奪命狂呼套戲內個個隻鬼=.="
  • Ting Ting
  • <p>Munch's paint...the Scream.....wahaha...ho chi ho chi....poor endy</p>
  • 朱建新
  • 玩得真係投入..........
  • eowplum
  • <p>haha,</p><p>yea, thought of that Munch painting too...</p><p>haha Eat ppl flower...</p>
  • PinK_HeArt
  • <p><font color=#ff409f>It' s really scary..endy, but i think that u two were having fun in the game ^^</font></p>
  • TENG*
  • yoko903
  • ``A|H|P|L|U|S__*
  • <p><strong>SCARY FLOWER*V*</strong></p><p><strong>why Fi like flower so muchie,,,,<br/>last time when you played badminton with khalil the loser had to pretend to be a flower also=v=</strong></p><p><strong>but seems that endy was enjoying himselfXD</strong></p>
  • R
  • Flower again? Sounds familiar to me.
  • 影
  • 哈哈,endy個樣好搞笑
  • 蓉兒
  • <p>that's kinda scary~ nei leung kor dai saai lo! =P</p>
  • SIUYUUG小丸子^3^``
  • 哈哈....咁大個口呀....
  • `&amp;#39; 7 Sean,.-v-&amp;quot;
  • <div>雖然我睇唔明英文..但係FIoNa你扮鬼1d唔恐怖..反而好得意@o@
  • 健
  • support you forever
    koushixinfeibaggioyahoo .com
  • crezi
  • <p>i like u so much</p> <p>and i like him very much as well~</p>
  • 慈齒
  • <strong><font color=#bf00bf>wakkaa</font> <font color=#bf00bf>looks like the poster of SCARY MOVIE OR DATE MOVIE whaevah it's called XP</font></strong>
  • T-MAC
  • 做乜鬼发0的甘恐怖既相,破坏晒呢个甘可爱既BLOG啦!feei so ghastful!
  • ^^Chill仔^^
  • really ghost horse~~haha~~
  • Kitty
  • whoa! that's a really freaky picture. lol...anywayz, have fun fi!!!
  • thomas
  • haha... i wonder wt game had u two played??? poor endy...