had a rough 1st meeting at cr2 about me and stephs exciting concert...afterwards we were interviewed by magazines one by one... and whilst steph was being interviewed i just kept on taking pics with her... so as u can see she's always not lookin at da camera...
hope she wasn't annoyed heh.....



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  • oh!!!!so cute!!!
  • @可愛小泳泳@#
  • ^.^~VERY NICE~
  • 君女
  • fiona... <br/>雖然我唔係你fans....但我都會spport你架~~~<br/>                                            [[唔知有冇串錯]]
  • 君女
  • fiona... <br/>雖然我唔係你fans....但我都會spport你架~~~<br/>                                            [[唔知有冇串錯]]
  • G-MANz
  • Hello Fiona,<br/><br/>my first reply to your blog... hope you have fantastic concert and enjoy the whole xperience... good luck...<br/><br/><br/>
  • 清蒸玉米糕
  • <p>支持啊!! <br/>             fiona永远是最棒的!!!</p><p> </p>
  • PC
  • lycheesisi
  • SO LOVELY......
  • Pauline
  • <table cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0>
    <td vAlign=top height=250><font color=#bfbf00><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#dfbfff;" color=#bfbf00>好得意呀!!!<br/></font><br/></font><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#dfbfff;">快d上去 睇睇 <br/><br/>一定睇完 要留言呀 <br/>Yahoo Blog <br/></font><br/><a href="http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/pauline__lamoo.com/pauline__lam">http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/pauline__lam
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    <td style="" height=1>
  • hepburn
  • cute cute cute! u are lovely
  • 這是私人回應
  • 呀S
  • fifi add oil ar !!! ^^
  • MMint
  • Fi       arh.<br/>check out a website created by one of ur viet fan ^_^<br/><br/><br/>http://fiona.buctuong.net<br/><br/><br/>happy min (:<br/>
  • 圓碌碌
  • 你都好鐘意影相喎,我都係呀..哈哈...乜都影!!!!我好期待你地個show呢!!之前你地合唱已經好鐘意架喇<img src="http://hk.yimg.com/i/icon/16/7.gif">
  • Dextrad
  • wt ar u doing?~哈哈~~
  • Emily
  • 用黃同黑白色,好特別WO!!!!=V='''
  • MMint
  • hello fiona ((:<br/>hope you can drop by to Singapore to promote ur stuffs like movies/albums<br/><br/>yao jia you wor~<br/><br/><br/>`fan from Sg<br/>-minmin<br/>
  • ⅤeRz*
  • <p>wahahaa i found out in steph's blog dat u guys r eating malteses hohoho i got it right XD<br/>yayz.</p>
  • priscilla*
  • oh my god..you two just like sisters...<br/><br/>nice picz :)
  • LLY
  • 哇...第二張勁cute!!!
  • He-he-he
  • Your face is so cute~~
  • SIUYUUG小丸子^3^``
  • SO Q AR!!!!!!
  • 小婷
  • fifi噶自拍相好得意好可愛啊~~~~~
  • 小婷
  • fifi噶自拍相好得意好可愛啊~~~~~
  • 由莉詩
  • Hi ! You so Cute !
  • Yeung Yeung
  • It's very cute!! Where is there? Who is she? (your right)
  • <p>APLAN,new world!</p>
  • 晴晴
  • <p>fifi...</p><p>我會係8月1日去睇你去果個學校歌唱比賽..</p><p>到時你會唔會唱歌?</p>
  • bb maN,,,*
  • <p>hihih ~nice to meet  you??</p><p>i  'm the first time  come  to you blog</p>
  • gaozai90
  • heyya, so cute u take pics with her and she's not looking.. woohoo...  XD
  • 呀ka
  • <p>係唔係你自拍架??好令個網網!!~~ ^_^</p>
  • ` ` joii b.
  • <p>haha, steph looks vez serious in the ones that she wasnt looking..</p> <p>Hey, werent you supposed to be helping?! XD haha nice to have abit of fun with da cam.</p><p>cheers</p>
  • TVB
  • <p>好搞笑啊 <br/>FIONA AND STEPH <br/>STEPH演唱会什么时侯开始啊</p><p>我要听试多力的苹果茶太好听了,两人的和唱板比TWINS的好啊</p><p>我要看新3</p><p>6.29日吗</p><p>对了新专缉8月出吗</p><p>望看了对我说下啊</p>
  • 冷。冰﹏冰。
  • fiona 你好Q喔