dunno how many of you have seen... but i saw a magazine cover whilst i was walking past a store which i did not buy ... because i didn't wanted to buy some fake news about myself even though i was on the cover....

oh well without even buying it ..i knew what it said inside... it was saying that i went to see a chinese doc. to get my XXXXX bigger... WAHAHAHA.... just wanted 2 tell all of you that i would not do a thing like that to hurt my health or body...  just so that any part of my body would
look 'bigger'....  because i never believed 'big= better' ..& what i have always
been selling is not 'size' i sell my singing lalala hehehehe 

been very busy lately ... recording my album, learning dancing at night, cd cover shoots. shoots for my pictorial book plus rehearsals for my show with steph cheng... so my company brought me to that doctor for him to maintain my health and gave me some medicine which will ease my
pressure as he said i have a lot of 'fire' in my body which is why i always sleep bad at night....

i was pretty upset about this fake news and couldn't sleep for 2 nights... but then when i came to think of it again and got a lot of phone calls from friends and family... & they gave me comfort cuz they said that the news was 2 fake told me not to worry about it... so i am happy fi again....

so don't worry i will always b who i am .. and for those of you who believed in the news please don't be dissapointed because you will see no change in me

HAHAHAHAHA i luv the way i am now thank you very much.....


不確定到底大家看到的是哪些呢,但是我從某家雜誌上看到我路經一家商店但是完全沒有買東西的圖出現,還上了封面,不過我不會想去買那些不實新聞的東西來看的。即使沒有買來看我也還是知道內容是在說我去看中醫為了要讓我的xxxx變大。哈哈哈。我是真的完全不會去那些傷害自己健康跟身體的人的。我相信大不等於好。而且我的賣點是歌曲不是size啊! 呵呵呵




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  • wee
  • hey fio dont get psycho about it <br/><br/>look at ah sa <br/><br/>nobody complain about her XXXxxxxXXX!!!!<br/><br/>just focus on your music and your goals. <br/><br/>speaking of aH SA , both u and her have baby face and look so cute <br/><br/>, both of u should be in a movie together , i bet every 1 would luv to see both of u together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br/><br/>LUv, AH-PAUL , can u send me  your  email or include me in your msn ??????<br/><br/>email : specailman214yahoo .com msn : paullouie2001<br/>
  • Car Car
  • don't write enlish please
  • gcandy
  • <p>i not feel any disappointed about wat wat fake news,n u too...</p><p>coz i dint heard it b4 la...n i dislike to read some of tis news.</p>
  • 貓貓
  • I saw that stupid rumour too. People will write anything these days. Good luck with the new album!!!
  • 呀S
  • we don't believe the fake news !!! support u forever !!!
  • mickey
  • <p>hey fi~~ dun wori about the dumdum news ppl make up~ we will always support U!!  i cant wait for ur show~~ fi dancing?!? GREAT!!! should be sweet~~ !! anyways~ take it easy fi and  i luv ur new cong "tree wa" haha~ lates</p>
  • loyal disciple
  • hey,,Fiona,,,dun let the stupid saying make you down or affect you!! I will always support you!!cause you sing really well ,,also,,,pretty^^....
  • Tai Bat Hung
  • <p>Hi Fiona,</p><p> </p><p>I guess you can be very hit in the coming years.  however, there are a few prerequistes:</p><p>1. you must have a very good song to hit the market</p><p>2. you must possess a very distinguish image which different from other artists</p><p>3. you have to saty out of love relationship rumours</p><p>4. a better packaging of yourself.</p><p> </p><p>For all these things being done, I believe you can do a lot more better.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p>
  • 卡文仔
  • <p>Hi.fiona.. <br/>Iam your fan from australia.i thought that u can ignore any news that is un- factual and  fake for ur eyes..Du be upset about this events.it looks happen in hk commonly and just deal with ur works properly !!!!!!!!!!!!i must always stanf for ur side............With love carman..</p><p> </p>
  • SIYA
  • TOO BAD THOSE MEN!fifi,you shouldn't have cared that news ,HAPPY EVERYDAY!!!
  • Waipun
  • <p>yes.... big is not equal good.....</p><p>work hard on your singing.... you're improving....</p>
  • LaRis
  • Be happy ^^
  • MC
  • Well, we definitely trust you rather than those rubbish magazines.
  • 开心地过每一天吧,忘了烦恼,那些无聊的fake news是无法撼动我们LOVE FIONA的心的,记住,要开心啊~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • 拓哉
  • <p>one more point... >.< i could not phone to buy the ticket of ur show with steph...</p><p>what a pity~</p><p>i'll support u by... aii... buying the dvd later on la...~</p>
  • samsam
  • glad u are happi again~~~<br/>yess,,these "news" are most of the time fake la``<br/>not worth getting upset over!!<br/>^3333^''
  • muppetleung
  • <p>KICK those bug head. No one will belive those news anyway, unless they are muppet and dump.</p> <p>I am a muppet. Are you too??????????</p>
  • Lavender
  • fi, we all support u and trust u, nature is the most important!!
  • 朱Fun E
  • <p>Hihi fi, this is chu fun ar...</p><p>i've read that magazine la...  haha...  u will laugh when u read that ga... cos that is tooooooooo fake la... funny i would say...  so no worry...  ppl got wise heads and wise eyes ge... </p> <p>add oil la...  ur rehearsal...  support u and steph la... </p>
  • 這是私人回應
  • pren@suka
  • NVM .... as i say in F-club .......i m prensuka !!!<br/>none of ur fans wil belive it...!!!<br/><br/>lately i hav been voting for tong butt lut in 988 radio...hope it can be num 1 in Malaysia!!!!<br/><br/>:P<br/>^_^<br/>
  • 貓
  • 我都見到果篇報導呀~ 好在見到fiona你o係度澄清咋!
  • leaf.ling
  • 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈。<br/>冇理佢哋喇。我哋信你嘅。
  • └▓ɑ.猪﹏└▓ɑ.猪﹏
  • <p>This is my first time to your home~~~very <font color=#ff40ff>beautiful .*^@^*</font></p> <p><font color=#ff40ff>i will always support you in SHANGHAI.</font></p>
  • 這是私人回應
  • Hyomaaa*
  • <font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#000000;" color=#ffffff>Fi, dont worry about it. <br/>we know that news is fake!</font>
  • Ivy@Macau
  • <p>this fake news is fake=3=</p><p>fifi don't worry ,,,be happy</p><p>we support you forever</p><p>macau macau hkhkhk far from me</p>
  • 胡思亂想的女孩
  • Fiona,support U 4ever!!
  • coolboy
  • <p>don't mind that fucking magazine :)</p>
  • Sidanla
  • those are rumours and gossips only.<br/>
  • samantha1821
  • <p>don't worry about that!<br/>don't angry about that!<br/>don't mind about that!<br/>your XXXXX is big or smell,we will support you*<br/>we like your song,your face,not your body!!!</p>
  • 雯*傻仔貓
  • <p>i don't think the news is ture too...</p><p>if you happy again is ok,</p><p>i only worry about you feel sad about the new </p>
  • 夏米狗
  • ah fi, 10port u 4ever!!! dunt be angry i also wont buy that stupid magazine!!!
  • Lix
  • To be honest, i dont think you would look very good with large boobs anyways.  Call me a strange man but size does not matter.  And the last time I checked, none of the successful female artists in HK have large breasts. ;-)
  • LLY
  • ar fi~support you ar~
  • R
  • <p>What I see in you is a big heart, and that's all that matters.</p>
  • Tung
  • don't worry about the news just ignore them and keep up with ur singing
  • CCling
  • <p>Yup, be a happy fi =) takecare ah!!</p><p>Btw, Sun Jak C Mui 3 will be coming up on 29th, yeah!!!!!</p>
  • ^^Chill仔^^
  • <p>be a real ~~~yeah~~~</p>
  • eowplum
  • <p>Oh yea, not buying it.</p><p>not gotta boost its sales.</p><p>natural's the thing.</p><p>Being satisfied w/ what's w/ ya, that's an art to learn. And u've definitely learnt that.</p><p>So shoo off the Dogs. They're just having a hard time dealing w/ their thirst for money, coz their brain is empty...</p>
  • Soil
  • <p><em><strong><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#000000;" color=#ffff00>Support you as I like you songs and you cutie face. Don't believe any news from the "Eight Women Magazine".</font></strong></em></p><p><em><strong><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#000000;" color=#ffff00>Try your best in your new album.Looking forward to buy the new album of you.</font></strong></em></p><p><strong><cite><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#000000;" color=#ff007f>奸巴爹!!!</font></cite></strong></p>
  • PinK_HeArt
  • <font color=#ff00ff>Yes, dun have to worry la, we will alwayz trust u, and we alwayz wait for ur new album, cuz ur singing is really really good..!!haha..<img src="http://hk.yimg.com/i/icon/16/3.gif"> so, be happy, and let the fake news go away~~ ^^</font>