he's passed away already ..and it was really hard for me.... when i knew i was in the middle of shoooting...
but thanks for all those of you who had prayed for him please keep on praying that he shall be in the hand of God and hopefully i heaven having a peaceful time.

i worry the most about my parents now, for they are alone in hk without me ....stayin home looking at all those photos of dung dung everynight is really hard.... so i pray for them everynight hoping to give them peace at heartand to feel at ease very soon.... because they are not taking this situation very well. hope that you guys could really pray hard in your
heart for my parents cuz they are crying everynight and i feel bad for not being with them. thanks so much for all your love and kindness... wish you all health and love.


他已經離開我了,對我而言真的很難熬,得知這個消息的時候我正在錄音,謝謝那些為dung dung待禱的大家,希望大家可以持續位他禱告,讓他可以安息

我特別擔心在香港的親人,因為他們少了我的陪伴,在家中回憶那些dung dung的舊照片,希望大家可以以起跟我為家人禱告讓他們可以度過這次的傷痛。我知道他們每天都很傷心的流淚,加上沒有我在身邊,謝謝大家的代禱,也希望大家健康喜樂。


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  • Eladx
  • <span style="color:rgb(0, 64, 127);"><font size="2"><span style="font-family:Comic Sans MS;">u should consider yrself lucky cos u were away when ur doggy died... my doggy Toby died a few months ago, he was with us for 12+ yrs... it was v painful to watch him being v sick n dying slowly... n to send him away... n the funeral... :(<br />now we place him in a pet's cemetery in Kowloon Bay n we will visit him tmr...<br />anywayz, sorry to reply so late but I juz found this post today...<br /></span></font></span>
  • pomeranianhk 動物傳心師- 高級證書畢業
  • <p>Agreed with JL*Lisa*, try to adopt those from poor animal shelter is a good choice</p><p>Add oil JL*Lisa* and fi <img src="http://hk.yimg.com/i/icon/16/1.gif"/></p>
  • 喜歡FiFi
  • Not be unhappy!Happy from now<img/>
  • JL*Lisa*
  • I had the same experience. My beloved dog passed away and...it was difficult. I still miss him and it's been 3 years. I thank him for giving me the joyful 10 years. And I'm going to pass my love for him to another pet. So Fiona, you do the same, pass your love to another dog. =) Let's help those in need. Keep in mind, though, try to look for pets at Animal shelter or rescue center before going to any pet shops. Most of the animals at any pet shops are from mills, and the treatment and care at mills are often very cruel and cold.
  • pomeranianhk 中級動物傳心師
  • dear fi, sorry that I am not one of  your fans but i happened to browsed thru your blog, I learnt your dog passed away recently, as a dog owner, we cannot forget moments with our passed away animals but please try to treat it as a good lesson that our dogs taught us , I hope your family is getting better, I am an animal communicator in Hong Kong, not sure if you believe in it or not...  if you need any further assistance on passing any message to dung dung in his spiritial world, I am happy to do so, please take care ! I don't come here often, so please leave me message on my blog ^^
  • Denise
  • sorry.i don't know who is dung dung.but i hope you be happy next time! sorry.it is your dog?
  • Mo Ma
  • sorry to hear that... be tough, fi!
  • 圈
  • <p>You know? He haven't died..... He just become an Angel with our god father.</p><p>He is very happy.</p><p>He just want you to pray for him everyday.</p><p>Be Happy too my girl~!</p>
  • Тheresa  J.J
  • <p>don't be sad la~~</p><p>eryth will pass</p><p>now dung dung died</p><p>but soon he will reborn</p><p>you may find each other someday</p><p>so smile or dung dung can't regulias  a ubhappy fiona woo......</p>
  • Lucia
  • <p>i'll pray for u n ur parents, and also for dung dung. hope he'll live happily in his place.</p><p>n dun be sad......or he will not feel happy if he knows that. i fully understand ur feelin' since i also had this feelin' be4 when my chinchila died.....</p>
  • らnīko
  • <p><strong><font color=#ffff00>fiona, everything  will  pass .</font></strong></p><p><strong><font color=#ffff00>Be   happy   from  now   on~</font></strong></p>
  • 毛毛
  • <p>DON'T BE SO SAD...</p><p>the god will bless u...and dung dung...</p>
  • 迷途小貓
  • god bless dung dung ...
  • ㈦囍¤K囝
  • 阿FI,虽然她离开咗你,不过它依然会永远留系你心既,你吾好吾开心啊,因为你有我地撑你啊嘛~~要<img src="http://hk.yimg.com/i/icon/16/1.gif"/>啊~~
  • 婷婷
  • R.I.P dung dung~~
  • He-he-he
  • <p>Don't be upset...</p><p>Dong Dong had gone already</p>
  • Yancy呀欣*
  • <p>你好呀~~~ <br />我好明白你既心情,但你要諗開D~~-人始終會死,動物都5例外。視「扶」你有冇心理準備~~</p><p>希望你唔好影響工作la...</p>
  • Big_Bro
  • fi fi! i will for sure pray for your family and your doggie and ask that God can send an angle to your family to help them through this rough time.. I'm very sure dung dung is living happily with God now and i dont think dung dung wanna see you and your family sad still! <br /><br />cheer up fiona! =)<br />
  • 尛敏.同學
  • <font color=#ffff40>be happy....^^don't be unhappy.......**</font>
  • MuiMui
  • be happy!!!fiona!!!
  • Gas爐
  • <p>呀fi,唔好唔開心la!</p><p>我諗東東佢一定唔想你地再傷心落去,為左我地啲網友同所有支持你既fans們,你地唔好再唔開心la。</p><p>東東既然已經到左天堂,我地就應該祝福佢,為佢開心,唔係咩?</p><p>或者應該講,佢本身已經患左一啲疾病,依家離開世上,maybe會係一種解脫。</p>
  • 嵐
  • fi be happy:']
  • 喪.琪
  • fifi..
    don't b sad la~~
    we will suport u !
  • BB姐姐+小QQ+大隻MUM
  • <p>Fiona,</p><p>東東有你地作為家人,真係好好呢!</p><p>佢係世界上遇到你地同你地一齊生活,一定好開心的!</p><p>希望佢係另一個世界生活得開心,我的乖乖bee bee都一樣</p><p>我希望到我地去到另一個世界時可以同佢地重遇 </p>
  • fionaamy
  • <p>oh.....=((<br />a poor dog.....<br />fi dun be sad ar!!!<br />hope dungdung is in the kingdom of heaven...<br />all of us will die on one day,,dog is the same....<br />dun be sad ar!!!!!!!<br />be happy**</p><p>luvfa*</p><p> </p>
  • 小文*
  • don't be so sad<br />i will support u <br />dong dong also supporting u too
  • 包包
  • <p><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffffff;" color=#ff40ff>DUNG DUNG WAS DIE ... <br />BUT HE ALWAY ... <br />IN YOUR HEART...</font></p><p><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffffff;" color=#936386>BE HAPPY LA ! <br />佢始終有一日都會死ga...</font></p>
  • mickey
  • <p>sorry to hear that</p><p>God will bless and take care of him</p>
  • oppo
  • Sorry to hear about that.  Hope your parents and you can recover soon! I know its hard... Cheers~!!!! :)<br /><br />Brian OPPO T <br />
  • gcandy
  • <p>  dung dung in peace now.dun be sad again,</p><p>everything will be alright ^.^</p>
  • Alley
  • Very Sorry! but dun worry be happy. Keep on smilin'
  • 這是私人回應
  • 呀S
  • <p>dun be sad , fi </p><p>Bless you , your family and dung dung .</p>
  • hong lin
  • DUn b sad... MUZ B HAPPY WO.. If not dungdung will feel sad if he know u sad... If u cannot handle the feeling, try to shout o juz cry.. it wil make u feel beter 1... GOD BLESS DUNGDUNG
  • Crazy C
  • <p>i sorry about dun dun 's death</p><p>take gd cre la,fi</p><p>u can overcome that </p>
  • YO*!
  • i dun no wt to say,, <br />but cheer up plz fi =) <br />we are still with u! <br />and i sure dungdung don't want to c u like tht..
  • pokman
  • <p>don't be so sad FI</p><p>dung dung don't like you to be too worry</p><p>take care ...........</p><p> </p>
  • Winson
  • i also hv dogs too. i know how bad you feel. i treat my dog as my family too. don't be too sad.  dung dung will always be with us. he will be happy in heaven. don't worry. hope your parents will be ok... your new songs are really good. hope you will hv more new songs! everything will be ok.