it's been a whole 3 months since i've been away.... didn't even really have time to check my own emails... and now that it's the last day i finally have some time of my own to just sit here and write 2 you all.... it's been a tough but loving three months.. tones of laughter, tones of tears.... tones of work which leads to tones of food because i just had to eat to keep myself awake.... will soon be uploading photos of the drama when i am unpacked and settled back to my lovely bedroom which i miss so much...  

距離上次再台灣已經三個月之前的事了,甚至沒有時間收e mail,難得今天可以真的坐下寫寫部落格,這三個很艱辛也很愉快,有歡笑有淚水也有食物的安慰(來保持清醒),馬上就可以在我超懷念的房間裡更新拍到的照片放給大家看


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  • Wenn dein Autoschicksal
  • <div>dich, nicht wie du schätzen OH-
  • 過來人
  • <p>無須修篩化妝也可如此吸引動人!簡直是一絕!</p><p>別怪我粗皮地對Fiona說一聲「靚女」</p>
  • con
  • <strong><font color="#ff7f00">你真係好得意呀''''''''''''''</font></strong>
  • Wood
  • 漂亮的素顏
  • 呀 青
  • fi真係(卡娃衣呢)
  • Creamy Cup
  • <p>Yeh it's been a long time since the last time I heard your welcome back!</p><p>p.s. you're so cute in the first pic.<img src=""/></p>
  • 曲奇餅
  • I love your songs ar!!!!>0
  • 柴支
  • i miss u , esp ur songz x..x
  • 猪手
  • <p>Oh oh    </p><p>it's interesting!!</p>
  • 猪手
  • <p>Oh oh    </p><p>it's interesting!!</p>
  • yi
  • Fiona  左我姊    ok?
  • à愛嘚鈦遲◎
  • <font color=#0000ff><cite><strong>都系时候翻HK参加颁奖典礼啦,来紧下星期就有优秀选啦,希望DEAR FIONA可以拿到奖啦!~</strong></cite></font>
  • 只属于佢噶小白
  • 好可惜啊,fi黎左gz三個月我都沒系廣州見過佢一面,真系可惜到爆啊,以后都唔知仲有沒呢個機會
  • elastic
  • HiFi

    OH~~~ Fi in HK la! That's a Good news! C U funny girl!
  • Erwin
  • Welcome back to HK! Looking forward to see your new drama~~
  • katie
  • <p>Hey Hey Fifi!!</p><p>Welcome home :P! haha Hope to see your pictures soon :D!</p><p>Katie</p>
  • cecilia
  • <p>hi fi,</p><p>I am very happy that you came back to Hong Kong. I miss you very very much. I support forever. Add oil! </p>
  • Yuu
  • You must have a lot of fun ^^<br />looking forward for the picture update ;)
  • 小琳子
  • <p>fi </p><p>missing u</p>
  • 朱建新
  • 又許紹雄喎
  • PinK_HeArt
  • <p><font color=#a040ff>Hey fiona, waitin so long for your drama, haha~~ but i dunno what is the name of the drama, heehee.. anyway, "add oil" la, hope  can see it soon<img src=""/> (p.s. also hope to hear your new album soon ^^)</font></p>
  • DA
  • Fiona, <br /><br />Ganbade!!
  • 十三点
  • welcome baq miss fifi.. it's being a long while not hearin' frm u.. hope u upload more photos of da drama!! dun't forget to rest urself afta this long journey.. /(^o*)\
  • 戚測
  • <p>when  do u have new cd </p><p> </p>
  • 蕟仔
  • <p>welcome  back!!</p><p>i've tones of suppot 2 u!! </p>
  • I loveFi Fi
  • Happy Fiona! Dec 9 is my 18 year old birthday!
  • kel~
  • <p>haha fi came back la!!:D</p><p>welcome fi..^_^'</p><p>when will u visit macau ar?</p><p>your fans in macau miss u very much!</p>
  • yan
  • so many guys back for you back~~~~:)
  • 拓哉
  • <p>yea~ support ah ah Fi~~~~'</p><p>look forward to your new drama~</p>
  • 童
  • <p><strong><font color=#40a0ff>HAlo~</font></strong></p><p><font color=#0000ff>Fi FI...I have a long time didn`t see you in Hk!!!>.<</font></p><p><strong><cite><font color=#ff00ff>So MiSS~</font></cite></strong></p><p><font color=#ff8080>Please sing some NEW Song...</font></p><p><font color=#ff0000>I `m looking forward to hear!!!^.<</font></p>
  • gill
  • <p>HK fans will very happy......</p><p>work</p><p>I'LL  support you....</p><p>                                           foshan..gill</p>
  • Chel see
  • hi fiona, im glad that ur back to hk. i wish i could go back too!! i miss it~haha~~i wonder if i can see ur drama in USA, is it a TVB drama??
  • cottoncandie
  • hihi fifi!! welcome bak to hk^^ we all mished u sho muchie =P make sure u get some rest wen u get bak kk? baieee <img src=""/>
  • pren@suka
  • <p>Dear fi..glad to know that u gona back to HK...remember to rest well coz u hav a further way to go on...juz like me ,i juz finished my Form 5 public exam in Malaysia 3 days ago,we all still gona add oil in our a funny things i must tell u...during my english exam..i wrote 2 essay n both of this essay got s/t related on ur electric angel album..1st is a letter...n i used DEAR essay can be select but i selected the esay which ask me wat changes would i like to c in the next ten years in my isnt that juz like ur song name "kap sap nin hao dik ngo" ^.^that all i wana say ..hope u will c this msg.....</p><p>add oil n be happy ...</p><p>^_^</p>
  • it's glad to hear that u ve come to H.K...><
  • cannady
  • welcome bac..''