she's not finnished, shall name her when she tells me that she's ready..

she helped me ignored the news surrounding me some scream to get it all out some drink some cry i've cried just to realize that i am not those 'some-one' so i painted

as i drew her she talked to me, and peace came in , and i came to realize that people do what they do because they had to, not that they had the intention to hurt anybody, so i guess the press just did it 2 keep their jobs. i painted to keep myself peaceful...
it was lovely and romantic... listening to various music which i love in the middle of the night painting something which i do not what it would be.

i paint and all that's not important, all that's fake are forgotten... all i remember are comforting simple talks from frens & family....thank you so much for your calls...i shall paint somemore tomorrow ... wish you all a beautiful new year with love and happiness








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  • CuS*
  • die§mic
  • die§mic
  • PinK_HeArt
  • <font color="#8000ff">Even i did not know what the media had said, but i  know ur fans ( of cuz include me)will support u and dun be unhappy la, add oil ( p.s. ur artwork is so nice, ganbade ne) ^^</font>
  • 魚翅
  • <p>Fi..don't be unhappy,we fans will support u forever=]</p>
  • cecilia
  • Dear Fi Fi,<br />It is very artistic!!!!!!!<br />Don\t be so unhappy. Remeber, Your fans, friends, Mum and Daddy will support you forever! <br />I only trust you! <br />
  • 呀S
  • Dear Fi ,
    However , we will support you forever !
    2007 , A New Year , A new Start !
    Be Happy together !
  • fionaamy
  • <p>HAPPY NEW YEAR!!<br />and congradulation to Fi that she get awardsssssss again!!!!!!!</p><p> </p>
  • 番梘簡^●ω●^Citi
  • fiona's creative !!!
  • ~Deavn Eugene Fiona~
  • 翻译:

    hey guys this transleted by carat
  • 萬人米
  • i want to know too ... who is she ?
  • hermione
  • <p>you are so beautiful!</p><p>good!</p><p> </p>
  • Ar 2
  • The award is really a great appreciation!
    Just keep on going...
    hoping to c u dance other then the 1 in 886 =]
    A gd begin in 2007 hope u can sing more great song for us.

    For the news,, we're always on yur side.
  • kay
  • <p>Fi,恭喜你首歌拿獎呀~~~~~你唱得好好呀~~~~嗰日著得好靚呀~~~</p><p>你D畫太深奧拉~~~唔明丫~~~~。。。。。。</p>
  • kel~
  • <p>唔好理d無謂既報導啦</p><p>仲之我地呢班fans永遠都會信你+支持你!</p><p>唔好唔開心!</p><p>繼續唱多d好歌比我地聽啦-v-</p>
  • kay
  • 恭喜你首歌那 
  • 這是私人回應
  • Coconut
  • <p>looks like a gal standing in front of a wall....snowing</p><p>lets work hard and show off yr talent to impress us...u hv so many fans behind and just ignore those bullshit...</p><p>good 2007</p>
  • 阿Ka
  • HI Fi~~
    Me is your fans!!
    Happy new year!!!=]
    Your song is very well~~~~~~
    keep it up ar fi~~~
  • 趙雲
  • 好抽象我唔識睇,唔太明係乜=.=
  • MeKo
  • a big filee in photo~!!>3<"
  • 小蚊
  • <p><font color="#ff0000">Fiona =]</font></p><p><font color="#ff0000">SUP U*V*</font></p>
  • Crazy C
  • <p>o <br />that's very beautiful ar</p><p>support</p>
  • Poohpooh
  • <p>girl..just saving up yr valuable tears.......<br />Dont waste it coz of those XXXX news...</p><p>being as yr fans..We know how u are......^^</p><p>Always Support~!</p>
  • ~Deavn Eugene Fiona~
  • Fi~
    why don't u write your blog in chinese~?
    Some of us fans from Mainland 's english is not very good :(
    Except me :)
    Happy new year ~~

    to Jen
    i think she is just a painting`
  • Erwin
  • <p>Congratz Fi!</p><p>and this is very artistic indeed.</p>
  • Gisn蒙蒙
  • 好有艺术感!!靓!!
  • 牛奶巧克力
  • <p>Well those reporters always like to write these stuffs so yeah..<br />just ignore them and focus on your work.</p><p>You're great. =)</p><p>Anyway, take care!</p>
  • szebitbit
  • Dear Fiona,

    Hi, I'm the lil reporter from Tea who took foto wit you in the studio on the day after u had the photo shooting for Tea.

    i kinda scanned the cover of that so-called magazine. u shudnt give a shit to wt they wrote if its not true. even they are reporting the truth, thats your privacy, ppl wont hate you for that.

    hv faith in yourself!!!! SUPPORTSSSS!

    Your lil fans from Tea
  • 山治
  • 你唱歌好難听啊~好快D收皮啊~
  • 這是私人回應
  • cannady
  • well..v trust u !! 做返你自己想做的事!
  • ``小Y*
  • 忘記5開心既野LA*>3<"<br />同埋,, 食飯盒冇益牙BABE* =]
  • AY
  • I guess it's not gonna matter how much the reporters write.... ultimately I guess the people would appreciate more than the news.... just keep going on.... lotsa people who care abt you. Take Care.<br />
  • <p>also u hv tons of fans...</p><p>we love & support u pretty much =]</p>
  • 攝影哥哥-dan97
  • Hello Fi

    My advice is focused on your work. It is what's really matter. Let's the reporters concentrate on their "creative" work.

  • 小寒
  • 又见蓝天~`
  • Pandit_Carat
  • FiOna!
    再一次恭喜你的那一首1234~ bye
  • crezi
  • <p>congrats for 1234~</p><p>i like it very much</p>
  • chadavox
  • Reminds me of the alien symbiote from the Spiderman's old black costume. Doesn't has a clue ? No worry. You will get to watch it in the coming Spiderman 3 movie.
  • freakyyy
  • as much as bad news hurts...your picture reflects something deeper doesnt it..?? because a picture can express many things...and this picture i see so far make me're still unhappy inside...<br /><br />sorry if i said anything wrong because i dunno how to speak...<br /><br />but as beautiful as your singing is, so is your artwork...keep it up fi !!<br />