would thought you'd like to see through my happy moments... though a picture could not possibly tell how grateful i was because the award that i got really belonged to the great promoters and the writers and producer of the song so i was super high that night on their behalf since they had to be sensible adults wahaha.... lets say their names here again....  

thanks edward and charles 4 making those impossible notes... still remember talking to you after the jamie show whilst cueing up for taxi how i thought the demo itself was so imppossibly fast i wonder how the whole song was gonna happen... well it did.. and it did nicely... chow yiu fai..... oh my i know you had such hard times fitting those words in but you made it happen beautifully in a cool way... evi & sai fay you guys rocked with me in the studio during those sessions must've been tiring eh? can't wait to party with u in there sum more!!!!

thanks to all my supportive fans and also those who called or messaged to congradulate .... yeah i know this upload is a bit late but i am always kinda slow on things  : P

luv fi

光是藉由照片還是無法告訴你我到底有多開心,因為我得到的獎項還是歸功於辛苦製作的工作團隊們,所以我們就再報上大名逐一感謝他們:多謝edward.charles的不可思議留言體醒(我還是無法忘記那demo的效果可以出乎意料的好及有效率的完工)chow yiu fai非常感謝你克服頭痛的寫詞讓歌曲有了生命,evi.sai fay陪我在錄音室裡奮戰苦窯,迫不期待要再跟你們一起party


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  • ●.﹏⒉4k'蒓|▍賉统
  • <font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffff00;" face="Comic Sans MS" color="#ff007f" size="5"><strong>lovely   ~~~~~~~</strong></font>
  • Meiko
  • <p>嘩!好可愛呀!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />仲有d clothes好靚呀~hair 都係!!!</p>
  • yym1997™
  • <font size="4">Very Good</font>
  • linkzai
  • <p><font color="#ff007f" size="4">It's my first time to leave a message to you ,and i can improve my English here.</font></p><p><font size="4"><font color="#ff007f">I wish you the best  of  luck  in this whole year.Thanks  a lot</font>.</font><img src="http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/4.gif"/></p>
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  • <p>pretty~i like~</p>
  • 细娃儿
  • <p>Q!为你高兴</p>
  • PinK_HeArt
  • <font color="#ff00ff">Hope it's not too late to congrad u for ur awards la~~i know u will do better on this year.. ganbade "add oil" ne  (p.s. ) the pics u took are so nice... heehee^</font>
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  • <font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#2d2d2d;" color="#ffff00" size="5"><strong>恭喜你攞獎~實至名歸!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</strong></font>
  • 廣州亮少
  • <p>support you fifi!!</p>
  • 傻嘉
  • <p>自拍好得意呀!!!</p><p>你同呀kay咁睇ok似樣</p>
  • 柏翘
  • Fiona a good girl!!!
  • Patrick 小王子
  • <p>congratulations!!!!</p><p>Well Done!!!!</p><p>KEEP YOUR WORK!!!!!</p>
  • 靜靜
  • <p>好_cute_ar...</p>
  • 天才科學家
  • <p>I will  continue to supportive you ~!!</p><p>      I'm so happy to saw you carry a prize~~</p><p>     love you & love your song~!</p>
  • Pooh
  • <p>呵呵    </p><p>Fi好Q吖..</p><p> </p>
  • 冬
  • congrat ^_^<br />
  • fileee
  • ohh....nearly forgot .....
    your new look is great...what a beauty
  • fileee
  • you deserve it ~`
    and I think only one is not enough....
    you can get a better credit!
  • cecilia
  • Dear Fi Fi,
    You are very very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep happy!
  • cecilia
  • Dear Fi Fi,
    You are very very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep happy!
  • cecilia
  • Dear Fi Fi,
    You are very very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep happy!
  • steven
  • <div>你好漂亮
  • cottoncandie
  • i must sei, u're VERY talented on stage =] i dunno, somehow, u're different from the others... <br />
  • cottoncandie
  • very nice pic fi! u did a great performance dat nite ^^ and once again, congrats!! <br />
  • mickey
  • <p>nice pics Fi~~ u look so nice in them...n ur outfit that night looked so good on u~!</p>
  • 小薄荷
  • congrats! <br />good to see you and Stephanie so close =D
  • Ellie
  • kay was there??? hmm... u look kute anyways...
  • 〝阮 * 欣 - ] ] __&amp;quot;&amp;quot;
  • you are so beauitful...!!haha
  • con
  • <strong><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#000000;" color="#ff7f00">I like the first photo''''''哈哈</font></strong>
  • ilovemoderntime
  • nice hairstyle
  • Raymond
  • congradulation!!
    you put the best performent!!
  • 呀S
  • Congratulations !!!!!!
    LUV U , FI ~
    ADD OIL ~
  • fionaamy
  • <p>CONGRADULATE to Fi**:))<br />very happy that u got awardss again!!<br />keep on~~: P</p><p> </p>
  • Gisn蒙蒙
  • very nice!!!    congragualtions
  • mikirobbie
  • <p>good live performance of 1234 that night, surprise</p><p>do more dance beat music this year, support</p>
  • Coconut
  • <p>u are so happy~~</p><p>老懷安慰</p>
  • cannady
  • Congratulations!! girl...+ oil!
  • kay
  • <p>You'er so kawayi in that night!</p><p>the song ie so good!!!i will support you 4ever!!!!!</p>
  • kming
  • See u more and more happy again,i also happy and 放心 again~~
  • gary shing
  • congragualtions and the award proves u have done a good job this yr

    i still remember yr non-stoppable cry... haha

    anyway, u r the most beautiful artist tt nite... =3=
  • <p>fi...congratulate to u first... <br /><br />and wanna say u dressed up as a lady that night!!!</p><p> </p><p>German</p>