Was flipping through photos 2 upload ...happy ones. Only 2 realize what meant happiness was yet so simple…nothing that may entertain your eyes… nothing extraordinary or what might look glamorous. So photos that will bore u r uploaded this time…  : P

I was reminded that fun was …
-Getting lost in a place with frens & family
-Staring @ a fridge for 8 mins becuz u have a dilemma in choosing your cake since there r too many of them… end up ordering 5 different flavors  because you know there r ppl who would share the fun and calories with you
- watching a show… especially outdoor ones
- A stupid game, a super not funny joke in boring car trip
- drawing where ever when ever…
-attending frens’ wedding, attended 4 in these 2 months. Watching that beginning of a beautiful life long commitment from the minute the say ‘I do’, followed by a quiet little prayer blessing them
- mucking with food after dinner & take pics
- singing a song that means smth 2 me
- the feelin of the 1st day of every new season… it’s special enough 2 know that I am here to b feeling it

 And the list goes on forever 4 me…because things that simple makes me happy, but sometimes they r forgotten because as we grow old things gets complicated & u start 2 forget what made u happy. Have been havin a few frens who aren’t feelin so gd these days….

Jus wanna remind them that smts u try 2 hard 2 go look 4 happiness when they r just there if u simple up. U don’t have to make up your list just remind yourself of what it was…. I am glad that I was reminded ..hope I reminded u 2









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  • belle belle miu
  • <p>FiFi:<br />Love your song, love and support you!!!<br />bellebelle</p>
  • belle belle miu
  • <p>FiFi:<br />Love your song, love and support you!!!<br />bellebelle</p>
  • super.sǒ
  • <p>   因僞<早熟>而LOVE上你</p><p> 加油哦 </p>
  • 少爺
  • <p>+oil.</p>
  • 排骨
  • ha
  • Aiby
  • <p>;)</p>
  • <p>do u no??</p><p>how attractive u'r when u smile...</p><p> </p><p>german</p>
  • Alen
  • Well,我終於know why you can singing Chinese songs la.....<br />
  • mickey
  • <p>thanks~~ for the words of encouragement</p><p>everyone needs to hear and be reminded once in a while</p><p>i realli luv that song of urs ...... i sorta feel the same way</p>
  • 葉草
  • You are my idol<br />Hope you of the business can ascend one floor more!
  • 小薄荷
  • ilove the fruit plate!
  • w20
  • hi fiona, im ur fans from UK. gd to c u hving fun! support u 4 eva. btw, i rily luv ur song CUP SUP LIN HAU DIK NGO. da lyics are exceptionally meaningful!
  • PinK_HeArt
  • <font color="#8000ff">Fiona, add oil for ur new albums, new dramas, new movies, or new paintings.. will support u no matter what !! ^^</font>
  • 呀S
  • ^^ LOVE FI ~ ADD OIL ~ FI
  • [[八妹仔_]]]
  • PRETTY PICS=]<br />
  • carat
  • I am always happy ! Becuz I like the feeling as urs ! so we r the same ^.^ FiOna ~
  • fionaamy
  • <p>fifi*<br />today i'm not happy....<br />but when i c yr blog yr words, i feel better now...<br />cuz thx yr "reminded the fun …"<br />u happy...i'm happy...<br />: )))))<br />add oil in yr performance in music!!<br /><br />fionaamy*</p><p> </p>
  • BoBo
  • pretty pretty
  • artist
  • <p><font size="5"><strong><span style="FONT-FAMILY:PMingLiU;">最愛呢首《給十年後的我》不愧是</span></strong><strong><span style=""><font face="Times New Roman">wyman</font></span></strong><strong><span style="FONT-FAMILY:PMingLiU;">既作品,</span></strong><strong><span style=""><font face="Times New Roman">fiona</font></span></strong><strong><span style="FONT-FAMILY:PMingLiU;">也演繹的幾好<img src="http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/1.gif"/></span><span></span></strong></font></p>
  • fileee
  • that's right...
    as we grow up,the more we think,and the less happy we are...
    so,it's essential to remind our happy hours now and then~`
    may you happy~God will always bless you~
    I'll support u ..
  • cecilia
  • Dear Fi Fi,
    Thank you foryour remind.
    If you happy, I will happy too!
    Love you and support you forever!!!!!!!
  • cecilia
  • Dear Fi Fi,
    Thank you foryour remind.
    If you happy, I will happy too!
    Love you and support you forever!!!!!!!
  • cecilia
  • Fi Fi,<br />You are very beautiful and cute! I love you very much! Take care!!<br />
  • cecilia
  • Fi Fi,<br />You are very beautiful and cute! I love you very much! Take care!!<br />
  • ray cou
  • <p>哇  都是英文哦...  </p><p>那就說幾句吧...圖片很靚..妳真的很可愛啊  HO HOO``   我傢BABY都好中意妳的...(我都是啦```)</p><p>哈哈 ``  糖不甩 的錄製都好搞笑哦.    </p>
  • 小妮子
  • <p>Dear Fiona,</p><p>i am very happy because i can share about your reminder. i think we will be forgot the happy monent after long time. i like to be a child because all of nice thing was happen. </p><p> i hope you will work hard to do your music, we will support you forever....HAHA<img src="http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/21.gif"/> </p>
  • Ivy@Macau
  • <font face="Comic Sans MS" color="#ff0000" size="5"><strong>add oil r fifi                </strong></font><a><font face="Comic Sans MS" color="#ff0000" size="5"><strong>ivymacau </strong></font></a>
  • gum
  • <p>Fiona I Love You !</p><p>Support =]</p>
  • Gisn蒙蒙
  • <p>LIKE U SO MUCH</p>
  • 咁多人死又唔見你死
  • o~ where hv u been to?
  • <p>FIONA-333-`<br />太令了`<br />1直都系你既fanS黎架=)<br />SUp你牙``</p>
  • carat
  • <p>remind  me  2   !   thank  u  FiOna  !</p>
  • Chel see
  • <p>oh fi...was that pic from Louis and Kays wedding? i was reading the article online, then i jsut started tearing lol~i hav no idea y but i just thought that it was really sweeeet!!! and i like ur art work!!!~hope that i can design ur album cover for u one day! heehee~take care</p><p>Ch3l$</p>
  • ★小o米☆
  • 我真係好鐘意你個blog...哈哈!!
  • 百佳,百事不佳
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    <td style="FONT-SIZE:1pt;" height="1">
  • 大ming
  • 加油呀!!!
  • Freeman@fifi
  • <p>i don't bore , because you laughed at last!</p><p>you happy, i also be happy~</p><p>we love you forever*</p>
  • Freeman@fifi
  • <p>i don't bore , because you laughed at last !</p><p>you happy , i also be happy~</p><p>we guard you forever*</p>
  • crezi
  • :)
  • Sunny(3X,slhk)
  • <span style="font-size:16px;">Typo ... I meant "laughed out <font color="#ff0000">LOUD</font>"<br /></span>
  • Sunny(3X,slhk)
  • <span style="font-size:16px;">AH HA HA HA<br /><br />I laughed out laugh when reading your blog, because of the true happiness right from the bottom of my heart<br /><br />So glad to know that you finally found the key to happiness, and even reminded others?  So can I, being one of your reminders, retire now?  Ha ha ha<br /><br />Love <img src="http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/1.gif"/><br />Sunny(3X)<br /><br />P.S. You omitted the photo of "choosing cake" wor ...  It seems you still need a reminder ...</span>
  • ~小嗏、
  • ha.,so funny the fruits face...!~,
  • Jessiliu
  • hey FI!!<br />thats right.....i realise too that happiness can b just from lil simple things!! people may think that is naive but as long as ur happi~ who cares what others think? ;)