one of the best things in taiwan would probably be all the choices of midnight food... and i have been having a lot of those lately , how i wish i could be sharing them with friends and family in hk  for everything that fiona enjoys reminds her of the people who she loves!

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  • Connie
  • looks like you are eating them all by yourself hahaha
  • wanzi
  • 看照片都餓了...
  • dan97
  • look at the woman behind U

    Hi Fi

    did you notice the woman behind you? did you share your food with her??? she seems full with "?????" on her head.

  • Sherry
  • The day before yesterday (Friday), I was very excited, cuz I saw your new MV "It's My Day".
    I love both the song and MV, it is a very cute light rock & roll song.
    and I like the grey clouds jacket that you wear in MV :P
    Hope to see you in Taipei soon.
  • Lor
  • Fi you look so cute!
    i like your new song, "it's my day"!!! i better search for the mv, cosz i haven't seen it yet!
    good luck to you debute album in taiwan!!!
  • Amy*
  • ha

    fi always is eating and eating~
    for me~ i like eating 2~:P