went for anual body check the other day... and their
needles totally freaked me out ... was scared by just
looking at the needles and then the nurse told me that
the needle that she uses for me is already a baby
needle and not an adult one... then.... i yelled...

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one of dee location was this typical 2 floor japan house that was very traditional and which i found romantic... but then it was pretty cold in japan... so fi was warmin herself whenever she wasn't shooting..

would be nice to live in one of these houses for a few months just chilling and doin sum drawings....but maybe not singing.. cuz when i was there i was too happy and started to jump around kinda creamin for fun... and found out that you have to be quiet to live
in one of these houses for the doors and walls r v. thin and the neighbors will 'tuw so' :P


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came back from japan shooting for 'don't touch'
magazine... have been taking a lot of pics.. and umm
eating a lot too...

ON DA WAY 2 D NOODLES...traffic jam plus rainya rainy
day fi gets bored and draws on the window while she

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it's been a whole 3 months since i've been away.... didn't even really have time to check my own emails... and now that it's the last day i finally have some time of my own to just sit here and write 2 you all.... it's been a tough but loving three months.. tones of laughter, tones of tears.... tones of work which leads to tones of food because i just had to eat to keep myself awake.... will soon be uploading photos of the drama when i am unpacked and settled back to my lovely bedroom which i miss so much...  

距離上次再台灣已經三個月之前的事了,甚至沒有時間收e mail,難得今天可以真的坐下寫寫部落格,這三個很艱辛也很愉快,有歡笑有淚水也有食物的安慰(來保持清醒),馬上就可以在我超懷念的房間裡更新拍到的照片放給大家看

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random photos during our print ad shoot....


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