came home one day and found that my dung dung somehow managed to get hold of my sock and just wouldn't let go....


某日回家之後我家的dung dung一直對我的襪子情有獨鍾不肯鬆口


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  • Nov 30 Tue 1999 19:44
  • thanks

wrking hard fi


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fi once again plays with her food after dinner

ingrediants r as follows:

cream soup, srimp shells, my managers glasses, and herbs.....

thank u very much

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she's not finnished, shall name her when she tells me that she's ready..

she helped me ignored the news surrounding me some scream to get it all out some drink some cry i've cried just to realize that i am not those 'some-one' so i painted

as i drew her she talked to me, and peace came in , and i came to realize that people do what they do because they had to, not that they had the intention to hurt anybody, so i guess the press just did it 2 keep their jobs. i painted to keep myself peaceful...
it was lovely and romantic... listening to various music which i love in the middle of the night painting something which i do not what it would be.

i paint and all that's not important, all that's fake are forgotten... all i remember are comforting simple talks from frens & family....thank you so much for your calls...i shall paint somemore tomorrow ... wish you all a beautiful new year with love and happiness

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hey hey wishing u all a great new yr!!!! have lots of fun on your holiday, eat lots and treasure the simple and relaxing moments with your family and friends... i could already feel that the year of the pig's gonna b a great one for all of us!!! hope that we could all do tones of great deeds for others in need of it... may it be a simple phone call 2 show that you care, simple hug to a big favour just so that u make it just as great for them as for us!!!

ps i know the pics are a little random.. haven't been taking a lot of new pics lately so jus trying 2 let u guys c wut u have not yet seen hahahaha


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