just kinda got everything settled down and fi has finnished recording her first song already... how i wish i could let you all listen to it straight away... my first song's written by goro @ zharan so when i sanged it it's like 'dup beet yuw chun cheet gum' feels like i am almost in hk wahaha...

fi's nicey mom came all the way to help fi settle things down and now she shall leave velly soon.. and so i will be living on my own for the first time in my life, which is scary somehow but also a time fo me to learn a lot of things.

one good thing about living here is no one really lives around me so i hv like a all time buffet of
'scream and sing all you want' anytime time of the day as i always get complained by my neighbors in hk...

there are sooo many thing to tell you but i have to rush off now so you guys here or in my site asap fi has the time to upload...

luv fi

目前一切大置告一段落,專輯的第一首歌曲錄製完成,很想立刻讓大家聽,是由goro寫詞,當我在唱這首歌的時候就像dup beet yuw chun cheet gum像在香港一樣。哈哈哈






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