Today fi spent a day with one of her fan that had bided her for her ‘one day’ online.

It had been a really fun and meaningful day, as all the money given from that fan of mine went to the home of where we learned to cook our cookies and bread which was also a home in helping the autistic and other children who are mentally handicapped.

The children there taught me how to make those cookies and bread and they oftened called me ‘jie jie’ following: “this is not how you make this”, “ you can’t do it like this jie jie” velly cute...they even slapped my hands … wahaha…. And instead of making normall looking bread fi decided to make a bread bunny which looked weird enough not to eat!

But I like…..    

今天一整天FI 跟那位標到一日約會的歌迷在一起.,這真是個很有趣而且很有意義的一天,因為那位歌迷下標的金額全數捐出去給第一社會福利基金會,就是我們今天一起做麵包跟餅乾的這個基金會。那裡的小朋友教我們怎麼做麵包,他們一直跟我說 姐姐,不是這樣做啦,你不可以這樣弄….” 好可愛喔~他們還拍我的手,哈哈~ FI沒有做普通的麵包,而是做出一個很像兔子樣子的麵包,看起來怪的不像可以吃!



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