i have been having too many meals a day over here in taiwan... during these past two days fi has had around 4 -5 meals per day... .. so i came back home and started to do all the house work that i could possibly do which includes; washing the toilets, moping the floor , washing all clothes and dusting.. pretty tiring but then again less guilty.

going to record a new song tomorrow, and out of all the demos i've heard so far this could possibly be the best one i like, a sorrowful yet romantic ballad. it's that type of song where you could almost tell what the girl is saying to you without understanding the language that's been sung... gotta go practice some more singing at home see you soon.

p.s. thanks for all of those who came to the juicy fruit show on the 23rd ,you  guys were great....amd i am touched

luv fi

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a concert with soul... one that you shouldn't have missed... if u did, lets just hope that it'll soon be
on dvd! : P


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night 2

she continues talking



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