very happy to have had 4 awards @ the beginnin of da year...wanna thank all my fans @ GZ and never the less the ones in HK ofcourse!! As usual we played a lot at backstage and here is our family photo...though a little posey i thought is wuz classy.....



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in the making of this movie.. fi had a great time working with everybody...

the girl inside the movie (farn su wa) is a very simple happy girl... and so i try to be it... even though fi too is a happy girl.. i tend 2 think too much at a lot of times.... never lettin my brain rest, quite tiring smts... so i guess i was more relaxed when i became her... simple worries... just plain happy and straight forward... but that needs a lot of reminding to do ...always had to remind myself to b more simple and plain when actin so you'll b seeing a more 'oi oi day' geh fiona when watchin this movie!! Had fun making the film and hope that you'll be having 100x more fun than i did when watchin it!!!! ; P

Fi很開心的跟大家一起完成了這部片子。片中的女孩(farn su wa)是一位單純可愛的女生,是我學習的對象。(雖然我已經很接近了)只是有時候會話太多,從來不讓我的大腦先生休息,我猜如果我可以變成像她一樣的話,一定可以更輕鬆一些,煩惱少一些,只要直接一點會更快樂一點。所以大家可以在片中發現fi有很多小不同出現。希望大家在觀賞時也可以發現超過我感受一百倍的趣味

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went 2 their opening a few days ago... and wanna take their chappie home....



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poster i found on the da way...... it probably says '' vote 4 fi ''


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