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  • Nov 30 Tue 1999 00:00

was going through some photos in my computer the other day and saw some that was taken from the last show of zarahn's where i sanged as a guest.

i guess pretty much everything of zarahn's would bring me back a lot of good old memorys as me and endy came into this show biz at the same yr. and his band has kiindly played for fi at her shows many times,, and eveytime was a spark.,, not a little one but a big one,,,

old songs sanged by a friend brings good memory,, new songs sung by friends makes me happy,,,

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came back to hk a few days a ago and then catched a major fever. there's this timre where i was sweating & trembling so much for the whole night i didn't sleep until 7 am in the morning. then had to wake up to work 8 am. so after that job fi went to the hospital to c c doctor at ngiht time,, i came back to taiwan to record yesterday and i was scared that i would not pass the fever detector but luckily my fever had gone down already,,, still feel a little weak but i'll be gogin out to record soon. went downstairs to buy some chocolate to boost up fi's adrenalin level,, i'll b flying back for a holloween show soon hope that i would have recovered totally by then to sing you guys a nice song. so looking forward to singing 2 u all in hk,,, cuz i haven't done that for a long time! ok have to get dressed now see ya!

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