came back to hk a few days a ago and then catched a major fever. there's this timre where i was sweating & trembling so much for the whole night i didn't sleep until 7 am in the morning. then had to wake up to work 8 am. so after that job fi went to the hospital to c c doctor at ngiht time,, i came back to taiwan to record yesterday and i was scared that i would not pass the fever detector but luckily my fever had gone down already,,, still feel a little weak but i'll be gogin out to record soon. went downstairs to buy some chocolate to boost up fi's adrenalin level,, i'll b flying back for a holloween show soon hope that i would have recovered totally by then to sing you guys a nice song. so looking forward to singing 2 u all in hk,,, cuz i haven't done that for a long time! ok have to get dressed now see ya!

p.s.  that picture was ofcourse not taken when  i was sick, took it from my dad's phone @ a mall when my parents came over to visit me a few weeks ago

luv fi

一回到香港沒幾天就感冒,一整晚汗流浹背加冷顫直到早上7點才入睡,然後8點要起床去上班,收工之後直接去看醫生檢查,昨天返回台灣錄音,深怕感冒會影響,但是幸好感冒痊癒了,很幸運。還是感覺很虛弱,所以在樓下買了巧克力來提高血糖質,馬上出門去錄音。我會在萬聖節飛回香港表演,所以希望可以快快康復,唱好聽的歌給大家聽,期待在香港的表演,距離上次已經有段時間了呢!要去換裝出門了!see ya



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