A few days ago khalil came to taiwan and we sanged our new duet at a show, and afterwards thought still very tired we went to play a little with our collegues to relax our tense tense muscles. I have to tell you at the beginning khalil was like “oh I don’t normally play” but towards the end it clearly seemed like he’s the machine play play man. I am sure he was just too shy to say “oh yeah I’d love to play fun fun fun”!

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Today fi spent a day with one of her fan that had bided her for her ‘one day’ online.

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Had to absolutely say thanks to those who screamed and clapped for fi!!!! I woke up 5:30am in the morning in hk to take a 8:30 flight to Taiwan that morning and as soon as I arrived fi worked non stop… and so my last mission was the school tour. Honetly speaking I was half dead when I was in the car on my way to the college, but as soon as I stepped on the stage and heard you all scream I was “hyper fi” once again. Want to say thanks for those of you who bought my album and made those ‘fiona’ boards for me… very sweet of you…

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【保證一對一施愛!跟FIONA共享甜蜜好滋味!】公益拍賣:香港小天后 薛凱琪的一天

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Had a small break between two radio interviews today, and lucky fi found her favorite " Smelly tofu " on the street as her dinner!! 


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