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"i everybody i am from space...the planet i cum from is called 'UP THERE' . UP THERE is a really nice place but just thought that since it's lovely christmas time, i came flying down here to wish you all a very merry christams."

"i know i've been away for a long time all the way 'UP THERE' making this drama i love but i wanna say that i do miss hanging with you, singing 2 u dancing 4 u."

" anything crazy, beautiful, romantic and impossible can happen @ christams as long as you believe in it...make a beautiful wish and i hope it'll come true with my alien power... if it doesn't jus wait patiently... and it will soon sum day. If i can make it all the way from UP THERE down to here... then anything is possible!!!"

melly christmas

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  • Nov 30 Tue 1999 11:40
  • glow

scary pic ... cool bor hi... hi


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  • Nov 30 Tue 1999 11:35
  • drawin

hmmmmm a fren of mine browsed around net and found that a person drew this drawin of me and emailed it to me.... i dunno who did it but jus wanted to upload it here to let him or her know that it's very sweet and well drawn ....i like it a lot....

fi... @ china 'but' will b back soon yeepeeeee



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i was late for dinner that day and my friends were waiting....didn't look very pleased ... the word 'boredom' was written on their faces... i had 2 take a picture

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