"i everybody i am from space...the planet i cum from is called 'UP THERE' . UP THERE is a really nice place but just thought that since it's lovely christmas time, i came flying down here to wish you all a very merry christams."

"i know i've been away for a long time all the way 'UP THERE' making this drama i love but i wanna say that i do miss hanging with you, singing 2 u dancing 4 u."

" anything crazy, beautiful, romantic and impossible can happen @ christams as long as you believe in it...make a beautiful wish and i hope it'll come true with my alien power... if it doesn't jus wait patiently... and it will soon sum day. If i can make it all the way from UP THERE down to here... then anything is possible!!!"

melly christmas
p.s. the other white photo of fi comes from the 2nd edition of my album 'ELECTRIC ANGEL' ..yeah it's out, it's white, so it's christmasy, so u should buy one as a lovely christmas prezzie for yourself, 1 4 your fren and another for me... thanks.... : )

luv fi








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