see that mamee noodle.... fi was damn hungry paid her bills... waiting for it to drop .. wait wait wait.. oh... got stuck.....@_@''


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oh.... cher..... : P

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a romantic and tiring shoot till 5 smth am....... just trying to upload what khalil has yet not uploaded : P



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was @ a friend's house one day and i was told 2 listen to some really bizarre music... but the speakers were way 2 quiet and i jus couldn't make out how bizarre it wuz.. so fi bent down... wow it was kinda weird...

dunno how 2 explain it to ya but i guess u can tell by the look on my face with the pic my fren took of my whilst i was listenin....

bizarre music但是聽筒怪怪的,所以彎了個腰反而變成奇怪的姿勢了!但是我想你一定可以藉由照片理解這一切的。

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took some daily photos for you guys to see with my phone but then just to realize that i forgot to bring the sd card... so here we go lets just take a look at one first...

have been having intense mandarine courses pretty often, that is everyday before i record a new song, and on the day of everytime i start a new song. amnd most of my meals would therefore b spent at the studio eating 'been dong' which is pretty yummy.

that pic that you guys are looking at now was taken when fi went out for a movie. there was a time when fi had a few days of recording break as the lyrics were being rewritten and so she spent her few days exploring taiwan, and their lovely almost 24hrs cinemas which i adore.

have to go out to record soon, but before that i would usally wash some clothes and do some dusting. just found out that when i have to do everything myself fi is kinda like a 'cleanaholic'.. which is quite tiring when you come back from a days work and you kinda still wanna wash & clean things up.

see you guys velly soon..... soon as a i get my stupid sd card..

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