ging gor ging photos....


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look look here look look there... 


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thanks 2 all those of you who had been so kind as 2 left me messages comforting me about dung dung... me still in china shooting 'sum but lew ching'  .... have been recordin some songs that i will b singing in the drama which was great fun cuz i had to sing a lot of oldies ... so much 2 tell but since i have to hurry to go out to work i would jus have to end this msg quick ... b 4 i go i would like 2 share  sum photos of my latest mv 'dear fions' shot in taiwan.... the mv is not out yet but i saw the ruff cut which i looove ... can't wait till it's out..enjoy...


dung dung的大家,目前我還在內地拍攝sum but lew ching還有錄製一些會在戲裡演唱的歌曲,有很多想告訴大家的話,但是還要趕去工作所以呢就先分享一些我在台灣的mvdear fions的照片給大家,這個mv還沒完成但是我很滿意,現在恨期待它的發表,所以先看看照片吧

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brea, soup, lemon, and oyster shell as tongue..... smile......



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he's passed away already ..and it was really hard for me.... when i knew i was in the middle of shoooting...
but thanks for all those of you who had prayed for him please keep on praying that he shall be in the hand of God and hopefully i heaven having a peaceful time.

i worry the most about my parents now, for they are alone in hk without me ....stayin home looking at all those photos of dung dung everynight is really hard.... so i pray for them everynight hoping to give them peace at heartand to feel at ease very soon.... because they are not taking this situation very well. hope that you guys could really pray hard in your
heart for my parents cuz they are crying everynight and i feel bad for not being with them. thanks so much for all your love and kindness... wish you all health and love.


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