these r just some photos taken during a rehearsal for a function. but apart from me and khalil you see in the photos there goes may and carmen... just wanna post 2 of my most beloved promoters on blog.... when i first got interviewed 2 warner music i remember sitting in a rm with my manager and may and carmen and another promoter gary who left us sadly...

and my manager was saying to me ... from today onwards u would probably b seeing these 3 promoters more that your dad and mom and anyone you know... at that time i was unfamiliar with them and they all had this no smile 'don't play with me' 'jing ging' look on their faces.... especially carmen... and i was like to myself OH NOOOOO .... but now looking back i think
that they are the best i could have wished for and worked with in this field.... i think yearly awards shows should have this best promoter prize given out ...since a song is not known without it's promoter promoting it, and these people should not be hidden back behind the stage.

if there was i bet may and carmen would need to move into bigger houses 2 fit all those awards in.

p.s. i would love to see carmen in a dress and high heels walking up to the stage.... thanking me singing d song she promoted

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would just like 2 keep track of how my doggy looks like everynow and then since he's growing older everyday..... well this is how he looked like yesterday.... : )

以下是我家邁向老年的dung dung最新近況(昨天拍的)

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  • Nov 30 Tue 1999 14:25
  • "meow"

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went to music fair a couple days ago helping our company sell products of ours... just wanna say thanks to all of those who supported and bought stuff. i shall b going there again today to help sell stuff for half and hour or so.

it was too packed last time that i didn't have a chance to take any picks for uploading ... so i stoled
some from my fans' page and uploaded it here wahahaha

i hope he doesn't mind....

if you haven't yet went pls go and take a look whenever you're free lots of nice fi stuff to buy.. i like the fi stamps best... 

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hi to all my malaysia fans.... it's been so nice to be seeing you guys again ever since the first time i visited which was half a year ago...

this time's visit was familiar and warm for me... and when i say warm i also meant it literally... : ) it felt so special to be counting down on a summer day and the temperature there was just as high as you guys watching the shows!!!!

the food i ate was once again lovely... very chilly and that's too nice and lucky enough i didn't get sick like i did the first time from eating too much : P

it was really an experience for me and my mom to be counting down out of hk as it's both our 1st time 2 b doin that. walking from my hotel towards the show venue (which was just a right across the st.) i was pretty scared cuz the street was soo packed and i was afraid that people would start sparying those cans of fake snow into my eye... but that didn't happen.... too bad that i had to leave 6 am the next mornin as i had the 903 award to attend in hk on the 1st of jan..

although time was short but i still managed some shopping both for me, collegues and friends... well i hope to be comin again this year hopefully doin my own mini concertand singing some mandarine songs for you guyz!!!!!!!!!!

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