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yeah i was winning at the beginnig.. so i placed a bet saying that who ever loses shall take a photo pretending to b a flower to upload into blog...



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Was flipping through photos 2 upload ...happy ones. Only 2 realize what meant happiness was yet so simple…nothing that may entertain your eyes… nothing extraordinary or what might look glamorous. So photos that will bore u r uploaded this time…  : P

I was reminded that fun was …
-Getting lost in a place with frens & family
-Staring @ a fridge for 8 mins becuz u have a dilemma in choosing your cake since there r too many of them… end up ordering 5 different flavors  because you know there r ppl who would share the fun and calories with you
- watching a show… especially outdoor ones

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these r just some photos taken during a rehearsal for a function. but apart from me and khalil you see in the photos there goes may and carmen... just wanna post 2 of my most beloved promoters on blog.... when i first got interviewed 2 warner music i remember sitting in a rm with my manager and may and carmen and another promoter gary who left us sadly...

and my manager was saying to me ... from today onwards u would probably b seeing these 3 promoters more that your dad and mom and anyone you know... at that time i was unfamiliar with them and they all had this no smile 'don't play with me' 'jing ging' look on their faces.... especially carmen... and i was like to myself OH NOOOOO .... but now looking back i think
that they are the best i could have wished for and worked with in this field.... i think yearly awards shows should have this best promoter prize given out ...since a song is not known without it's promoter promoting it, and these people should not be hidden back behind the stage.

if there was i bet may and carmen would need to move into bigger houses 2 fit all those awards in.

p.s. i would love to see carmen in a dress and high heels walking up to the stage.... thanking me singing d song she promoted

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would just like 2 keep track of how my doggy looks like everynow and then since he's growing older everyday..... well this is how he looked like yesterday.... : )

以下是我家邁向老年的dung dung最新近況(昨天拍的)

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  • Nov 30 Tue 1999 14:25
  • "meow"

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went to music fair a couple days ago helping our company sell products of ours... just wanna say thanks to all of those who supported and bought stuff. i shall b going there again today to help sell stuff for half and hour or so.

it was too packed last time that i didn't have a chance to take any picks for uploading ... so i stoled
some from my fans' page and uploaded it here wahahaha

i hope he doesn't mind....

if you haven't yet went pls go and take a look whenever you're free lots of nice fi stuff to buy.. i like the fi stamps best... 

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hi to all my malaysia fans.... it's been so nice to be seeing you guys again ever since the first time i visited which was half a year ago...

this time's visit was familiar and warm for me... and when i say warm i also meant it literally... : ) it felt so special to be counting down on a summer day and the temperature there was just as high as you guys watching the shows!!!!

the food i ate was once again lovely... very chilly and that's too nice and lucky enough i didn't get sick like i did the first time from eating too much : P

it was really an experience for me and my mom to be counting down out of hk as it's both our 1st time 2 b doin that. walking from my hotel towards the show venue (which was just a right across the st.) i was pretty scared cuz the street was soo packed and i was afraid that people would start sparying those cans of fake snow into my eye... but that didn't happen.... too bad that i had to leave 6 am the next mornin as i had the 903 award to attend in hk on the 1st of jan..

although time was short but i still managed some shopping both for me, collegues and friends... well i hope to be comin again this year hopefully doin my own mini concertand singing some mandarine songs for you guyz!!!!!!!!!!

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ging gor ging photos....



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look look here look look there... 


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thanks 2 all those of you who had been so kind as 2 left me messages comforting me about dung dung... me still in china shooting 'sum but lew ching'  .... have been recordin some songs that i will b singing in the drama which was great fun cuz i had to sing a lot of oldies ... so much 2 tell but since i have to hurry to go out to work i would jus have to end this msg quick ... b 4 i go i would like 2 share  sum photos of my latest mv 'dear fions' shot in taiwan.... the mv is not out yet but i saw the ruff cut which i looove ... can't wait till it's out..enjoy...


dung dung的大家,目前我還在內地拍攝sum but lew ching還有錄製一些會在戲裡演唱的歌曲,有很多想告訴大家的話,但是還要趕去工作所以呢就先分享一些我在台灣的mvdear fions的照片給大家,這個mv還沒完成但是我很滿意,現在恨期待它的發表,所以先看看照片吧

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brea, soup, lemon, and oyster shell as tongue..... smile......



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he's passed away already ..and it was really hard for me.... when i knew i was in the middle of shoooting...
but thanks for all those of you who had prayed for him please keep on praying that he shall be in the hand of God and hopefully i heaven having a peaceful time.

i worry the most about my parents now, for they are alone in hk without me ....stayin home looking at all those photos of dung dung everynight is really hard.... so i pray for them everynight hoping to give them peace at heartand to feel at ease very soon.... because they are not taking this situation very well. hope that you guys could really pray hard in your
heart for my parents cuz they are crying everynight and i feel bad for not being with them. thanks so much for all your love and kindness... wish you all health and love.


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see that mamee noodle.... fi was damn hungry paid her bills... waiting for it to drop .. wait wait wait.. oh... got stuck.....@_@''


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oh.... cher..... : P

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a romantic and tiring shoot till 5 smth am....... just trying to upload what khalil has yet not uploaded : P



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was @ a friend's house one day and i was told 2 listen to some really bizarre music... but the speakers were way 2 quiet and i jus couldn't make out how bizarre it wuz.. so fi bent down... wow it was kinda weird...

dunno how 2 explain it to ya but i guess u can tell by the look on my face with the pic my fren took of my whilst i was listenin....

bizarre music但是聽筒怪怪的,所以彎了個腰反而變成奇怪的姿勢了!但是我想你一定可以藉由照片理解這一切的。

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his name is captain SHRIMPSHELLSANG.... very threatening 



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