hi to all my malaysia fans.... it's been so nice to be seeing you guys again ever since the first time i visited which was half a year ago...

this time's visit was familiar and warm for me... and when i say warm i also meant it literally... : ) it felt so special to be counting down on a summer day and the temperature there was just as high as you guys watching the shows!!!!

the food i ate was once again lovely... very chilly and that's too nice and lucky enough i didn't get sick like i did the first time from eating too much : P

it was really an experience for me and my mom to be counting down out of hk as it's both our 1st time 2 b doin that. walking from my hotel towards the show venue (which was just a right across the st.) i was pretty scared cuz the street was soo packed and i was afraid that people would start sparying those cans of fake snow into my eye... but that didn't happen.... too bad that i had to leave 6 am the next mornin as i had the 903 award to attend in hk on the 1st of jan..

although time was short but i still managed some shopping both for me, collegues and friends... well i hope to be comin again this year hopefully doin my own mini concertand singing some mandarine songs for you guyz!!!!!!!!!!

luv fi



對我跟mommy而言的難得機會可以倒數離開香港的日子,從飯店到演唱會的距離很近根本就是右轉過一條街就到了!所以我很害怕那些塞滿人潮的街道會突然有人灑假的雪花片跑到我的眼睛裡去。但是只是我虛驚一場。很遺憾的事隔天6am我就要離開了。(為了11日的903 award在香港頒獎)



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