these r just some photos taken during a rehearsal for a function. but apart from me and khalil you see in the photos there goes may and carmen... just wanna post 2 of my most beloved promoters on blog.... when i first got interviewed 2 warner music i remember sitting in a rm with my manager and may and carmen and another promoter gary who left us sadly...

and my manager was saying to me ... from today onwards u would probably b seeing these 3 promoters more that your dad and mom and anyone you know... at that time i was unfamiliar with them and they all had this no smile 'don't play with me' 'jing ging' look on their faces.... especially carmen... and i was like to myself OH NOOOOO .... but now looking back i think
that they are the best i could have wished for and worked with in this field.... i think yearly awards shows should have this best promoter prize given out ...since a song is not known without it's promoter promoting it, and these people should not be hidden back behind the stage.

if there was i bet may and carmen would need to move into bigger houses 2 fit all those awards in.

p.s. i would love to see carmen in a dress and high heels walking up to the stage.... thanking me singing d song she promoted

p.s. i would love to see may wear luw cut but with her usual nike trainers crying on stage also thanking me wahahahaha


這是某個典禮的彩排。只是想將最敬愛的贊助廠商拍入鏡給大家看。還記得當初面試華納唱片時是跟我的經紀人還有may&carmen一起坐在小房間裡及另一位主辦人gary(突然的離開華納團隊)然而我的經紀人告訴我,從今天起你會感覺你與你的三位經紀人會比你的親身爸媽還要更親,當時跟經紀人還不是很熟,所以只強烈的由臉部感受到不要跟我開玩笑jing ging看著經紀人,特別是carmen直盯著那表情去解讀,我當時心想麻煩大了


Ps我很樂意看到may頂著luw cut配上他一貫愛穿的球鞋在舞台上痛哭失聲邊想著我哈哈哈


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