Was flipping through photos 2 upload ...happy ones. Only 2 realize what meant happiness was yet so simple…nothing that may entertain your eyes… nothing extraordinary or what might look glamorous. So photos that will bore u r uploaded this time…  : P

I was reminded that fun was …
-Getting lost in a place with frens & family
-Staring @ a fridge for 8 mins becuz u have a dilemma in choosing your cake since there r too many of them… end up ordering 5 different flavors  because you know there r ppl who would share the fun and calories with you
- watching a show… especially outdoor ones
- A stupid game, a super not funny joke in boring car trip
- drawing where ever when ever…
-attending frens’ wedding, attended 4 in these 2 months. Watching that beginning of a beautiful life long commitment from the minute the say ‘I do’, followed by a quiet little prayer blessing them
- mucking with food after dinner & take pics
- singing a song that means smth 2 me
- the feelin of the 1st day of every new season… it’s special enough 2 know that I am here to b feeling it

 And the list goes on forever 4 me…because things that simple makes me happy, but sometimes they r forgotten because as we grow old things gets complicated & u start 2 forget what made u happy. Have been havin a few frens who aren’t feelin so gd these days….

Jus wanna remind them that smts u try 2 hard 2 go look 4 happiness when they r just there if u simple up. U don’t have to make up your list just remind yourself of what it was…. I am glad that I was reminded ..hope I reminded u 2










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