brea, soup, lemon, and oyster shell as tongue..... smile......



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  • Sidanla
  • <p>佩服佩服</p><p>哈哈哈</p>
  • 希希
  • 哈哈^^好有趣嘎創意><...
  • Katie
  • <p>ho ghost miss u er</p><p>fiona sit </p> <p>XD</p><p> </p>
  • Connie!!!!!!!
  • <p>ah fiiiiiii!!! hhahaha~~ mo leave comment ho loi la~~~ lei dol mo update ho loi la~~~~ Please update your blog when ya are free la~ FAT MO LAAA~~~ hahha~</p><p>See ya on thursday and add oil filming the new movie and recording your new album~~peace!! :))))))))))))))))))))</p>
  • Venus
  • <span style="font-weight:bold;">O</span><br><span style="font-weight:bold;">you play with your food</span><br/>
  • 這是私人回應
  • Vincent
  • 岩岩先開blog~~就俾我搵到你個blog~~<br/>我好鐘意你ga~~ <br/>唔知你有冇icq or msn~~ <br/>icq: 245499599 <br/>msn: fancheukHOTMAIL .com <br/>有ge希望你add我la~~ <br/>
  • Jessica
  • <p>Haha~</p><p>I like playing with my food 2 ~!!</p>
  • winnie
  • <p>呀fi~我本身唔知你有blog ga~</p><p>好happy呀~</p>
  • .㈨θˋ
  • <p>er..use my pool eng!</p><p>er...what's the meaning of brea..?</p><p>er..soli</p><p>er..算喇唔用英文了</p><p>e篇嘢系我明得最多嘅一篇啊.哇哈哈..</p><p>以后要更+认真学英文....</p><p> </p>
  • 這是私人回應
  • <font color=#00ff80><strong>wahahah it really looks like kermit!! except hes not green~~ teeheee<br/>wow u are so creative with ur food ^^</strong></font>
  • 一督
  • 每日一督棟篤笑‧教師遊行:

  • 朱建新
  • 恭喜發財 <br/>今年更進一步
  • 菲
  • <p>不是吧,我昨日剛搬來YAHOO BLOG,竟看見FIONA SIT的BLOG???是我好喜愛的歌手,好靚嘛!<img src=""></p>
  • ca
  • <p>hi~i m 基督徙 too!<br/></p>
  • Kim
  • <p>you must have great imagination in order to create ur... mr. kermit?<br/>lol ur really funny<br/>a girl like you totally rules</p>
  • . l e a f .
  • <p>the oyster shell looks disgusting as a tongue. =P</p>
  • 斌仔
  • Heheheh, Ah fi looks like very happy everday! Really a funny girl! ^_^ so cute! Support you always loh~
  • 情緒不穩的巴渣妹
  • <p>Fiona ,</p><p>Hi!My name is angela ! I have a classmate  look likes you very much !</p>
  • 方誕
  • <p>我有兩個笑話</p><p>1.有酒樓知客對客人說:先生入面有"鬼"呀!...(原來她想說..先生入面有"位"呀!)</p><p>2.當新人進場時,某知客又說:請"仙人"進場!...(原來她想說..請"新人"進場!)</p>
  • mikec
  • <p>基督. Congradulations!</p><p>  信基 督.  Congradulations.</p><p> </p>
  • rabanna
  • <p>Fiona  十卜 u !add oil!=3=</p>
  • zeem
  • 痴線=0=.... O哂咀= =
  • 摩登啊滿
  • <p><font color=#8000ff>叭!叭!唔該借借~~~~</font></p> <p><font color=#8000ff>~╭══╮ <br/>╭╯□□║ <br/>╰⊙═⊙╯。o0○。o0○~ 。。。<br/> 我來灌灌水﹐淋淋花!!</font></p><p> </p>
  • Lovin2822
  • <p>hey fiona!</p><p>hope everything is going well for you & they should be.  i simply want to thank you for updating your blog as much as you do - unlike many other star blogsters who claim they will continue to update theirs & still yet to happen?  funny things funny people say & yet doesnt wanna play?  anyways......</p><p>thank you once again!  stay true to all your fans & yourself like you have been & things will be more ideal than expected - or lets hope so......</p><p>take care!</p>
  • pren@suka
  • funny!!!but wat i do wif my plate,sos,spoon,fork,glass n................................................. after a meal is funnier!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 魚子醬
  • <p>hi! fee-own-nurr...</p><p>ur blogs are funi and rather cute..</p><p>but i must say, i feel sorry for mr.kermit cos his tongue looks unhealthy<img src=""> lol</p><p>anyways, loves ur singing and actually i think ur actin is good..</p><p>much love xoxo</p>
  • adah
  • <p>好中意你的mr.kermit呀...! haha 我勁中意kermit!!! </p> <p>當然我都中意你同你的新歌!! 俾心機~!</p>
  • ╰*阿八。╮
  • <p><font face=verdana size=1>hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~<br/>reli funny ar!!!!!!!!!!"P<br/></font><font face=Verdana size=1>hope to see the next one ar~~~!!</font></p><p><font face=Verdana size=1>love fi 4ever~~</font></p>
  • Ti_tw
  • thx sharing , how creative.. lol
  • milkcream
  • <p>you are SOOOO interesting .<br/>so funny .so charming .<br/>you are such a great singer and 9ril !!<br/>hope you can get the female singer award tonight ,well<3<br/>a lot of people can feel <strong><cite>your voices come from the heart</cite></strong> *</p><p>a 15 9ril .<strong>xP</strong></p>
  • MANDY~
  • <p>random prop</p><p>nice blog and hey gal</p><p>i think ya better type somethin'  to reply to the commentssss</p><p>though for many comments</p><p>i dun even know what they really mean lol</p><p>anyway,,, hv fun!!</p><p>add my msn and be fd if ya wanna ^^</p><p><a>lose_yourself62HOTMAIL .com</a></p>
  • Natalie
  • fifi..u r funny ar...
  • 4eyes
  • 唔係唔係,如果妳做的,我一定食晒佢!
  • 4eyes
  • 好Q呀!不過食唔食得o架?
  • 栗子
  • 好有趣啊!
  • 阿KATH
  • <p>TO:FI</p> <p>           it's so funny.and you are funny girl !</p>
  • 阿土伯
  • :)
  • 朱建新
  • <p>我寫左首兒歌呀,想搵女歌手唱</p><p>得閒上我度聽下個主旋律啦</p><p>如果o岩心水就同我聯絡</p><p>我都想能夠正式推出架</p>
  • 朱建新
  • <p>妳真係好為食喎呵呵 <br/>由hompy到yahoo</p><p>都見唔少同食有關</p>
  • R
  • And oh btw, it should be "ingredients".