around day 3 of fi's holiday ... fi got introduced by my japanese fren & we went to this place where there were great music & culture ... it was a 3 floor venue... the 2nd floor was where the music was scratched & ppl danced to that and smts u would see a random guy playin an african drum in the middle of the dance floor which  ppl would end up surroundin. the first floor there was this awesome band playing their groove and singing some japanese songs which i did not
understand but enjoyed dancin 2 it.... 

when late night came and i thought that all the band show was over and decided to go dancing on the 2nd fl i was lucky enough to catch another performance but this time of an artist drawing. as another dj scratched 2 painters drew whilst all the audiences just danced not only along with the groove but almost 2 da beat of her strokes...pretty cool...made me really wanna paint 2. and so i ended up buying some note books and pens the next day @  a convinience store to fufill my crave 4 drawing that i had that night... the 2 rough sketches shall b uploaded next time c ya all.....




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