dunno how many of you have seen... but i saw a magazine cover whilst i was walking past a store which i did not buy ... because i didn't wanted to buy some fake news about myself even though i was on the cover....

oh well without even buying it ..i knew what it said inside... it was saying that i went to see a chinese doc. to get my XXXXX bigger... WAHAHAHA.... just wanted 2 tell all of you that i would not do a thing like that to hurt my health or body...  just so that any part of my body would
look 'bigger'....  because i never believed 'big= better' ..& what i have always
been selling is not 'size' i sell my singing lalala hehehehe 

been very busy lately ... recording my album, learning dancing at night, cd cover shoots. shoots for my pictorial book plus rehearsals for my show with steph cheng... so my company brought me to that doctor for him to maintain my health and gave me some medicine which will ease my
pressure as he said i have a lot of 'fire' in my body which is why i always sleep bad at night....

i was pretty upset about this fake news and couldn't sleep for 2 nights... but then when i came to think of it again and got a lot of phone calls from friends and family... & they gave me comfort cuz they said that the news was 2 fake told me not to worry about it... so i am happy fi again....

so don't worry i will always b who i am .. and for those of you who believed in the news please don't be dissapointed because you will see no change in me

HAHAHAHAHA i luv the way i am now thank you very much.....


不確定到底大家看到的是哪些呢,但是我從某家雜誌上看到我路經一家商店但是完全沒有買東西的圖出現,還上了封面,不過我不會想去買那些不實新聞的東西來看的。即使沒有買來看我也還是知道內容是在說我去看中醫為了要讓我的xxxx變大。哈哈哈。我是真的完全不會去那些傷害自己健康跟身體的人的。我相信大不等於好。而且我的賣點是歌曲不是size啊! 呵呵呵





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