fi's 1st compilation is out at last... and i would see it as a round up of joy, memories, laughters and tears..... in the past 3 yrs... so therefore u see that drop of tear in my eye... j/k, is was spilt water  : >

i shot this short film in taiwan which lasts around 14 mins ... it's a love story linking with the mv of my two new songs (har chee har chee & luw tai juun gork)... it talks of a girl who would always break up with her boyfriend almost every month, and of course i play the role of that very girl in the film. she chooses 2 break up with him not because of the lack of love she has for him, but perhaps 2 much love... so much that she could not handle, so much that she could not bare to have the guy saying that he wants 2 breakup with her first, so much that she is even agraid to picture  of losing the passion between them as time goes by, so much that she chooses 2 break up with him every  month, so much love that after every month they would fall in love again as a couple.

a quirky girl, i hope you would like her... and her album...

there's much about the album that i would like to write about... but i just got back from the  airport and it's 2 am... i think i will upload this tomorrow when i wake up...

i shall b writing some more about F BEST very soon again, hopefully before i leave for beijing for work!!!

p.s. there's a picture of my new friend  F BEST, who is now a good company of FILEEEE ... i think  hey love eachother....

luv fi  



還有很多細節想分享,但是剛剛下飛機的我發現現在已經早上2點了,所以我想在明天早上起床之後會再補上細節給大家,我一定會在短時間內多寫一些關於f best的東西給大家(希望是在去北京出差之前可以完成)

Ps這裡有一張關於f best的照片,我想它是一位好的陪伴者,hey要彼此相愛啊


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