got this a few days ago and i promised a friend that i would b uploadin a pic of this bag in my blog. when she gave it 2 me... incase u dunno it is kinda a  'wan bo doy'.. in hoping to promote the idea that we should stop using plastic bags.

i suppose the meaning behind this project itself is greater than the popularity of this bag.... and so it's about time for us to think of what is important to us.. if any of your loved ones/ family members  r 2 b in the list of wut means the most 2 u ... then maybe we could start off by putting the clothes and bags of chips u buy in a bag that's convinient : P

save not just us , our child, but also a simple ugly big fly that you see outside your car window... cuz it has family too...

ps i saw that fly yesterday.. very gross .. but so big that it amazes me ... jus wanna share with u heh..

luv fi





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