there are a lot of things that i miss about it, simple little things... not that anything is bad here, but just little bits and pieces that somehow could not b replaced.

i thought of one the other day, it's my drawing of 'the girl' in one of the studios that i record in.
she's been placed there for a long time and when i left that studio for the last time recording a remix for ha chi ha chi for i was planning to take her with me to taiwan. but then she seems to belong there so i let her stay.

i know she looks like a he...

luv fi


前一陣子突然想到我的其中一幅畫作the girl,原本是放置在香港的一個錄音室之中,有股衝動想把她但到台灣,但是在仔細一看又覺得它更適合留在原位,我知道它看起來有點





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