so happy to be getting the song award sunday
because i know that it's so hard to stand up on the
stage of 903 for 2 years.....

i know that i should b posting u guys msgs earlier
but fi was really tired because she didn't sleep for
the whole night form the countdown show in malaysia
and so she went back home on the first and slept like
a pig hahaha..

getting on that stage and knowing that i would have
that very special chance to sing again was very
beautiful yet nervousing ...afraid that tired fi would
not do good.... but god blessed and i was able to sing
my heart out heh :P

but if i had the chance to do it again mmmmm i think i
would try not to cry at the beggining so i wouldn't
have to wipe my nose as a i sing HAR HAR HAR...

have 2 say thanks to u all because although i got that
award because of airplay...but.... if you all didn't
like that song i wouldn't have got it!

i shall keep on singing maybe not the best singer ..
but i will sing to 'my' best....

luv fi wishing all of u with a warm new yr in 2006
with luv and passion....



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