came back from japan shooting for 'don't touch'
magazine... have been taking a lot of pics.. and umm
eating a lot too...

ON DA WAY 2 D NOODLES...traffic jam plus rainya rainy
day fi gets bored and draws on the window while she
awaits impatiently

從日本回台拍攝don’t touch雜,拍攝進度不錯也吃了很多東西。

再要去針灸的路上大塞車,又下大雨的只好在車窗上亂畫打發時間 and Carmen (4 those of u who dunno
her she works at warner with me, eats with
me... as u can see..BUT she only eats with me to a
certain level.. then it gets to a point were she stops
ME eating..but then the eating shall continue by
herself : p
麵麵麵....  我跟carmen獻給那些不知道他跟我一起共事的大家,



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