There’s a list as long as my neck which I can give you that gives me stress!! Work, pressure, myself, expectations, the media….  Bla bla bla

But whenever I come to think that I am not alone then it all goes away… my neck shortens..yeepee… @_@  I don’t think that I would be able to find myself in a happier and more positive family that I am in now... 

There was a time where the lines were made clear … a day of work is a day of work and holiday is holiday, and it felt bad sometimes because the number of working days just out grows my holidays… but now it doesn’t matter cuz they have merged. I’ve been able to see every working day as a holiday with the help of crazy people around me. I found family cuz they’re all
crazy like me.  At backstage of  the RTHK award me and zarahn would pretend that we’re Japanese cartoon characters, the one for Sina endy and khalil would have a game of torture, endless singing on car trips.. those I love the most (was unable 2 take pics whilst singing …so  no reference : P)  and so on…

Yep… so that’s what’s up with me lately… but since I fluctuate so much I might change in a month or so and decided that I don’t wanna play… jus give me work … dun play with me ..go away… but I doubted that !!!

update u when I change… 


RTHK獎的後台,我跟Zarahn假裝我們日本的扮妝同好,也是給sina endy&khalil的共同遊戲,遊戲的最終就是在車上高歌一曲。以下這張照片沒有拍到正面所以僅供參考啦!這就是我最近一直在投入的事情,但是我不要再加入了啦!給我工作工作!



Luv fi


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