fi is in china now making my new drama.... 'sum butt lew ching''.. i would really love to update you with a lot of things that i've experienced and enjoyed here. but b for i do that someday later i would like you all to help me with a little something very precious.

my doggy 'dung dung' who i luv too much 2 b without is very very sick in hk... he's now in this oxygen box... he can't even really breath properly... and i was told that he might b leavin me these few days... i am so very afraid that i would not b able 2 see him when i come back because i don't get to come back to hk until end of month... so just want to ask 4 a little favour from all of you that you can pray for him everynight until he gets well.

i don't know if that's too much to ask for but i hope that he would make it through with all your

thanks 2 everyone of you & God bless you all...


現在我正在內地拍攝我的新戲sum butt lew ching,真的很想要把我學習到的事物分享給大家,但是再這之前有一個小小的請求,就是我在香港家中的dung dung最近生病了!病的很重,安置在氧氣盒裡,因為他無法自行呼吸了,但是因為拍片的原因,我要一直到月底才能殺青,dung dung有可能無法支撐到我回香港,所以希望大家可以在這期間每天晚上幫我的dung dunh代禱讓它可以早日康復。很不好意思麻煩大家但是還是希望可以藉由大家的祝福讓它可以早日康復。


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