what i saw that night after recording at studio....

one moving concert, one sweet guy, one crazy guy with tones of energy, one whole bunch of lovely frens supporting each other one stage, one man who truely loves music, one Mr Lun who i admired and who i would love to work with.....

for those of you who've missed this one... ummmm you've missed a BIG one...hope you'll get a chance to review it elsewhere : P

''tuw see tu see'' : what i've learned dat night was "don't care about what others think, just sing your heart out- b the one who your frens & family luv- let the music b your dancing partner - & you'll be loved by the audiences cuz u luv yourself & your music"

die hoy arn guy fi.....





found a pic of anthony at the studio i was recording in today... oh.. jus gd 4 me to add to dis topic tim!



tuw see tu see當天的心得是步要在乎別人得眼光,只要忠於自我,唱好歌,勝認自己在歌迷及家人期望的角色,讓音樂成為自己的舞伴,愛自己愛音樂,然後觀眾也會愛你。


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