oh.... cher..... : P

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  • pren@suka
  • wat a nice photo u took.....but y it become pepper n salt???<br/><br/>i was correct??<br/><br/>lol<br/><br/>^_^<br/><br/>
  • F...迷^_^。。
  • so cute............
  • fionaamy
  • <p>wt is it??i dun no wo....=P*</p><p> </p>
  • Winnie
  • my home got 1 set of this too... hoho... pepper and salt...  same as u
  • 冷。冰﹏冰。
  • <p>WHAT IS IT =-=  i don't no</p><p>我打中文你明嗎?</p><p>這是什麼喔  very Q</p>
  • 小文*
  • <p>It look like so beautiful !<br/>amazing*V*</p>
  • Richard
  • <p>好有才!!!</p><p>  黄金分割  1.618!!</p><p>   永远支持你!</p>
  • Richard
  • <p>好有才!!!</p><p>  黄金分割  1.618!!</p><p>   永远支持你!</p>
  • Victorlolo
  • <p>what is it ? a pair of .... eyes !</p> <p>hehehe , the angle of the first photo misleading our mind , but it is quite creative</p>
  • 某C人_Crazy C
  • sugar& salt??
  • 朱建新
  • <p>影得幾好咁喎,好有金屬感</p>
  • yung
  • i thought it was a pair of dumb-bells frm the 1st pic...
  • Sunny(3X,slhk)
  • My instinct told me that you had updated your blog today.  Happy that it is correct!!!<br/><br/>Thanks for sharing your funny photos!  We can always find something new when looking at things from different angle! <img src=""><br/>
  • 龍貓貓
  • if i just see the first picture,i cannot guess what it is too~haha
  • janiz
  • it looks like....xp
  • janiz
  • it looks like....