love drawing in trips and so i did do so during this japan of mine....

so here r the sketches i did in the bumby car trips that i've promised 2 show u guys in the revious
upload. dunno which way you should b looking at them b cuz when i draw i rotate the paper 360 degrees everynow&then depending on my mood. so there is never a right or wrong way of looking at these sketches...

hope you would c wut you'd like 2 c in them.... enjoy




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  • Jessica
  • Ah Fi.
    You are so creative, I really enjoy your artwork. :)
    If you ever think of selling your artwork, I won't be surprised if lots of people buy them. Hehe, add oil.

    Support you always - Your fan,
  • 茮豬
  • <p>琪琪..我都有blog啊.!!我经常光临嘎</p><p>你都要哦..支持你哦.!我好中意你d新歌..好听好听</p>
  • Creamy Cup
  • <p>wow, so you're major in "creative media"??</p><p>pretty amazing when i looked at your drawings!  They definitely have brought out the original ideas of abstractness and the inspirations within...You really have great talents in arts!</p><p>Hey don't forget to show us more in the future.</p>
  • Cham
  • <p>張相有d唔清楚,,,睇唔到tim</p><p>fifi原來你讀city cm架??我都好想讀呀,,,<br />我今年form7,,,要報jupas喇,,,原本都唔知揀邊d好,,,<br />不過我鐘意玩各種電腦新software,,,又鐘意畫畫果d,,,所以諗住cm可能會岩我...<br />之但係好似要交portfolio 呀,,,唔知應該include d咩...<br />希望個alevel考得好d啦...</p><p>__________________________________</p><blockquote style="">
    <p>Quoted:::</p><p>甸 2006/09/08 12:18:31 / <br />fiona,你不愧係讀city creative media喎~<br />畫得好好呀!<br /></p></blockquote>
  • J&amp;J
  • oppo
  • Art Critique: These are some pretty amazing stuff. Abstract, stylish and wicked...Just plain hardcore expressive. You have great potential to become an artist (ART-wise).  <You already showed us you have great potential in being a (musical) artist...> I would really like to see more of your designs and drawings. Very inspirational...~! Keep that up!<br /><br />Brian OPPO T<br /><br />
  • 呀 青
  • <p>hi , fiona 啊 ,我係你既 super fan啊!!你d相真係好靚啊,very good??我都有BLOG啊,多d上來睇下啦??</p>
  • Lolo
  • very nice artwork! :)
  • 呀S
  • <p>GREAT !!!</p><p>LOVE YOU FOREVER FI !!!</p>
  • Yuu
  • I LOVE the 2nd drawing :D<br />dont know why, but just love it! ^^<br /><br />hope to see more of your drawing :D<br />look forward for your new reply
  • 蕟仔
  • <p>hahaha.</p><p>long time no c you.wowowo.</p>
  • 梁某人
  •      真係油而不膩
  • L
  • 型!!
  • 3liminator
  • <p>really nice sketches luv the first one</p>
  • 喪.琪
  • <p>it's very beautiful~~</p><p>is it a bird?</p>
  • Renee
  • <p><font color=#0000bf><strong>Oh my God~~~</strong></font></p><p><font color=#0000bf><strong>I'm not good at drawing but i think u are.^^ </strong></font></p><p><font color=#0000bf><strong>It's the first time i surf  Yahoo Blog. </strong></font></p><p><font color=#0000bf><strong>I'm in <font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ff00ff;">Shanghai</font>.</strong></font></p><p><strong><font color=#0000bf>So i think it's really glad to see your blog and it's so interesting</font>.</strong></p><p><strong></strong> </p>
  • 菁妍
  • 好靚呀
  • cottonbuds
  • 真的不好意思﹐我要借一借你的BLOG來邀請關心海外華人的讀者去我blog看一看馬來西亞華人就最近華小風波事件如何的受到不公平的對待﹐謝謝。

  • TuTu
  • 白嘉路
  • 我個人中意第一幅~
  • MeKo
  • 阿Fi ge 作品永遠禁難明ge~~~
  • fiona's awesome!! hahah
  • 花仙子
  • 看上去好大張,好恐佈...不用騙我, 其實是單行薄, 再倒瀉紅墨水和黑墨水...哈 !,嚇人!
  • lil-sxc-biatch
  • <p>hea fiona! <br />i love ur drawings! i study art ma self.. and i jus wish i can do stuff lyk dat!! hahaha...<br />p.s. ur sooo pretty!! hehehe!!!</p><p>x..[L]il..[S]xc..[B]iatch..x</p>
  • 這是私人回應
  • BoBo
  • nice
  • L
  • so beautiful!!
  • Swa
  • <font color=#ff40ff>fiona~~ <br />your drawings are so cooL!!! o my god.. i juz love it!!!<br />hope i can hv imagination tht great like you... i am stuck in my design course...>.<<br /><br />newayz... <strong>support you always!!! <br /></strong>Shirley</font>
  • gaozai90
  • hey fiona, i love ur drawings!! they rawk!! and i love ur songs and acting.. very cute!!!  XD
  • <p>omg fiona! i love ur drawings! lol, it's messy but with style, i like that.<br /><br />-HP</p>
  • joli3
  • the pics r so pretty!<br />feels like stainboy series.<br />
  • 夢中小矮人
  • 是這樣的


    在此希望大家如果有yahoo! blog是關5566的