• Nov 30 Tue 1999 21:14
  • japan

have been working in japan.... and took a break there also with a friend... was very nice.. so nice that i didn't really have time to take a lot of pics for you guys to see. I was either working or busy eating...



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  • mikec
  • <p>I like Japan.</p><p> </p>
  • clairetsui
  • hey fiona you're so cute hehee =) i really like your songs + movies so add oil! i'll look forward to more good work from you!
  • Street
  • <p>i like your new song(yau chak jeuk chai) very much..... sing more good songs in the future la... support u all the times!~</p>
  • Joey
  • I would also want to go to Japan again!!! AHHH.
  • ★貓囡囡㊣♀
  • <p>Are you Fiona Sit??I am your super fans....I love you very much.You are very beautifl & very lovely,your songs & voice are very dulcet.......I will supported u continuate...Do you have ICQ??If you have,can you tell me your ICQ number??Take care....I miss you evryday.Journey cheerful!!!</p><p>                                                                                                                                               by Cat</p>
  • 武藤深
  • <p>Cindy小姐, 呢度d水平都係好平而已~不過阿Fiona小姐唔識睇中文, 你唔打英文叫名Blog主點睇?</p><p>Dear Ms. Cindy, our english level is not very high, but our Blog owner~Ms. Fiona who can't read Chinese words, so that we can't type anything which our Blog owner she don't understand~!</p>
  • cindy
  • <p>呢度好高水平啊 ?個個都講英文,但我水平好差嘎!看5明啊!</p>
  • Kuen
  • <p><font color=#0000bf>hi...hi...ar fi...you are so beautiful and attractive...love you forever</font></p>
  • Bubulyn
  • lol...did u gain some weight then?? so jealous....
  • finnuzz
  • halo ah fi*<br/>support ya always!=]
  • 安仔
  • <p>say hello from hong kong</p>
  • 小蝦米
  • 你好靚女呀^^
  • fionaamy
  • <p>o..vy nice...the food are delicious...i want eat2....^^"</p><p> </p>
  • fionaamy
  • <p>o..vy nice...the food are delicious...i want eat2....^^"</p><p> </p>
  • Tea Tea
  • so glad that you having your own blog, how is ur work lately? you hve to take care ar!!! we always support you gar!!!.
  • 小狗andison
  • take care ar...support you forever
  • winnie
  • hihi...nice to meet you...hehe
  • karon
  • noodls is good!!!!
  • 大口仔
  • <p>support you forever.....</p><p>hope you  happy....</p>
  • Ti_tw
  • <p>fiona, i like your style xD<br/>the ramen looks so delicious.. i also want =0=</p>
  • LUva
  • <p>haha it seems ur trip is so good</p> <p>I like ur face .....cosmetic la haha~~~~</p> <p>hope you could get rid of ur tired throught this trip</p>
  • 杰
  • fifi~ <br/>does warner need u come to taiwan for half year in 2006? <br/>is it sure? <br/>i really don wanna to hear that...i will miss you... <br/>anyway...whatever you decide , i will support you 4ever...
  • Lam
  • ok, honestly, fiona having a blog is cool, but the navigation on the screen is all in CHINESE!?? this really sucks, since i cannot read chinese at all! on top of that, this blog thing from yahoo is only for HK...and since I'm from the united states...i don't get this luxury yet.  hey fiona, or anybody else, is there a way to subscribe to fiona on this??? <br/><br/>p.s. why doesnt fiona use xanga instead of this yahoo blog thing? i think its much easier for people in different places to navigate. <br/><br/>
  • Natalie
  • <p>hehe...fifi....wow~...japan ar...japan is a good place...hehe...</p><p>i will support u forever ga...add oil ar~</p>
  • 狗狗
  • <p><font color=#00ffff>support U ar........fifi,take care la..!!!</font></p>
  • gcandy
  • take care !!
  • 小丸子
  • <p>哈哈...一定好好味呀... <br/>我都好想EAT呀.....</p><p> </p>
  • Victorlolo
  • <p>yeah ! i can go 2/12 hot fire concert ! see u that night !</p>
  • tania
  • <p>i'm so happy that u can hv a gd time in japan ar!!!!</p><p>hv a nice day!!!!!!!! </p>
  • Brenda
  • nice picture~~
    you are soooo cute!!
  • Jack仔
  • 2night 's mini concert is so great ! Khalil & u sing so well , i will go the functions tmr & go to the mini concert & listen Khalil 's songs again , c u!
  • Katie
  • <p>ho hoi sum again, japan again, gd show er tonight and 4 days hv function</p><p>wakakaka, yeah yeah support</p><p>                                                         Katie</p><p> </p>
  • pren@suka
  • <p>Japan trip + work nice ar!!!!My uncle working in Japan too!!!</p><p>I m from Malaysia!!!!Nice yo c ur Pic in Japan!!!!</p><p>pending for your new album!!!!</p>
  • Lam
  • Ha ha this is big Sunny(3X).  Don't mix up with the small Sunny posted at 11/25 22:16:10 (we are friends).  So many Sunny love you!!!<br/><br/>Nice to see you tonight.  Suppose you knew what I talked about your going to Taiwan was a joke.  I will miss you much if you really go for such a long time!<br/><br/>Your pictures taken in Japan are great.  You are not only the Queen of Music, but also the Queen of "Ji Pak"!<br/><br/>Have a good rest<br/><br/>
  • Connie!!!!!!!
  • <p>you went to japan?  when??? so are you recharged now??  nice pics la~ haha eating dol take dol pics ah ging ~ and ya, you sang soo well in Khalil's mini concert tonight, reali HO HO  HO TING~ and thanks for taking photos with us la. see ya ..</p>
  • 浩仔
  • support you fiona*****<br/>kabade!!<br/><br/>
  • Sunny
  • omg i'm the first few ones to reply! Love those pics! Looks like u did hv a nice break! So cute, invigorated n invigorating. Plz dont keep urself too busy with work...i feel poignant seeing ur tired look...n also dont keep urself too busy when eating XP  Read from the paper tat u were busy shopping as well! N also...u'll be going to tw for six months...i cant contemplate what the future would  be like without u around...anyway wish u another nice refreshing loooooooooooooooooong trip...