as a prezzy 2 all of u out there who supported my 1st plug so much ... i have a newer and improved version for u .... i think....hope u think so 2.... enjoy .. and crack up (


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  • 樂樂
  • <p>If u have msn, can u help me:</p><p>my msn is:kafi0520HOTMAIL .com</p>
  • He-he-he
  • I support u forever!!!
  • 趙雲
  • 得意版糖不甩@@?
  • 慈齒
  • XD very cute ah~ cool! thx for sharing fi! ;) ~~
  • 苗blog
  • <font color=#6000bf>hi-fi! how r u recently? i'm quite busy too.....about your new song....haha u know what?....i'm alwayz your fan......keep up the good work then.....and come to visit my blog sometimes...ok?</font>
  • 呀S
  • i love it ~ it is very funny ~ when i  listen it , i am very happy ~
  • 隨緣
  • <p>Wow...this Good Ver. is so Best...</p><p>Is this ver. will collect in the New CD ....i really need to think that CD should i buy <img src=""></p><p>Ho Ho Ho</p>
  • 晴
  • <p>WOW. this...TOO GOOD version....<img src=""> i like it. frankly speaking.<br/>hahahaa<br/><br/>BTW. TONG BUTT LUTT IS SOOOOOO GOOD.<br/>fantastic.<br/>so non-fiona. SO KHALIL. hahahhaaa<br/>but u did a GREAT job.<br/><br/>it has been played for XYZ number of times on air!!!!<br/>hahaha i almost listen to it on every radio programme<br/><br/>well done fi!</p>
  • Victorlolo
  • TONG BUTT LUT ... fiona featuring Khalil and the special quest , a great remix version with grazy , noisy and sweet voices . i am loving it . <img src="">
  • susana
  • <p>i like the letter "F" written by a pencil at the opening of your website, is that designed by you?  I guess it is, right?  Very cute & funny, I'll come to it very often!</p><p>Bye with best wishes!</p><p> </p>
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  • 這是私人回應
  • 這是私人回應
  • Tung
  • <p>tong butt lut is very good</p>
  • hilda
  • <p>haha, the new version ho cheng ar!!</p>
  • ``A|H|P|L|U|S__*
  • <p><strong>Wow finally Fi is back,,,<br/>have been waiting for your new entry for sooo long=))</strong></p><p><strong>Love your new song ehh,,,<br/>heard it in 903 always>V<</strong></p><p><strong>Your NEW Version TONG BUT LUT is very funnyX]]]<br/>Put it in your new CD as a special track ahhh__<br/>Wanna keep it=)</strong></p>
  • Lavender
  • <p>Congratulations, you have your own website!!!</p><p>Your website is very funny!!</p>
  • thomas
  • <p>quite funny... necessary to promote this track as a remix version...  support it!!!</p>
  • PinK_HeArt
  • <p><font color=#ff40ff>Of cuz will like it la~~ I am also waiting for u new album too... ^^</font></p>
  • SIUYUUG小丸子^3^``
  • <font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#000000;" color=#ff00ff>一定support你呀!!!!!!!!!!</font>
  • crezi
  • ur new song is reali sweet ar!~
  • Sunny(3X,slhk)
  • OH MY GOD you are so NOISY that my WHOLE OFFICE can hear YOUR VOICE!!!!!  >o< Fortunately everyone has gone or it will be extremely embarrassing ......<br/><br/>Anyway love your "chee seen" voice and love to hear how you enjoyed yourself.  This version must be included in your new album as a bonus track!!!<br/>
  • RENEE&amp;#39;&amp;#39;
  • support fi.=]
  • .㈨θˋ
  • <p>8.</p><p> </p>
  • 健
  • <p>support you forever</p> <p>koushixinfeibaggioyahoo .com</p>
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  • 這是私人回應
  • 桃樂嘻
  • <p>hi!!!bye!!</p>
  • 小翠
  • long time no see!how are you?
  • Anita
  • <p align=center><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffff00;" color=#8000ff>thank you so much! you havent blogged for nearly a month! hope you can relax more!</font></p><p align=center><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffff00;" color=#8000ff>love anita</font></p><p align=center><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffff00;" color=#8000ff>xoxo</font></p>