would just like 2 keep track of how my doggy looks like everynow and then since he's growing older everyday..... well this is how he looked like yesterday.... : )

以下是我家邁向老年的dung dung最新近況(昨天拍的)



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  • 敏敏
  • <font color=#ff409f>ur doggy is soooo cute!! ^^</font>
  • Minnie
  • PK
  • Yen-yen
  • 隻dog好可愛呀,wish it happy!
  • Yen-yen
  • 隻dog好可愛呀,wish it happy!
  • elfelf6767
  • <p>Its just so nice to know that every owner thought their doggy's cute.  All puppies are lovely & cute but as they grow up, they actually don't look that 'pretty' anymore, but I still think I look handsome.  My Dad always says no one would bother take me home if I ever got lost in the street once again!!! But deep down I know he loves me!!!</p>
  • 猫
  • <p><em><strong><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#00ffff;">好漂亮的狗狗哦,我也是超级爱狗一族.欢迎回访哦</font></strong></em><img src="http://hk.yimg.com/i/icon/16/9.gif"></p>
  • fi
  • <font color=#ff40ff>☆◣ ◢█████████◣ ◢☆<br/>█☆██☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆██☆█<br/>☆█☆█☆★超得意呀!★☆█☆█☆<br/>█☆██☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆██☆█<br/>☆◤ ◥█████████◤ ◥☆<br/>◤               ◥</font>
  • Kimi—or–Lils {^.~&amp;quot;}
  • Is that ur baby?... Is a boy, right?... Looking cute and healthy... Take care of him each day and enjoy of his company wherever you are <img src="http://hk.yimg.com/i/icon/16/3.gif">
  • 天之驕女
  • <p>HI FI</p><p>支持你呀~加油~!</p><p> my MSN: lauuikwan_2004msn .com</p><p>add我啦~</p>
  • 太陽驕子 棕澤
  • Hi! 隻狗好cute呀!
  • Blitz_War
  • Hi Hi , it's me "Blitz" ..... <br/>i love your doggy; it's so Q'.  and i like your redish hair !~<br/><br/>if you bored or free... and not doing anything ..... ADD me to your MSN: yin_cx12aquHOTMAIL .com<br/><br/>   well cya and talk to you soon if you add me in!~  lolz ... BiBi<br/><br/>
  • 這是私人回應
  • §㊣§~型仔一族~~陳鍵鋒~§㊣§
  • <p><cite>MSN快D add我!!</cite></p><p><a>laichikok2005msn .com</a></p>
  • comfy~*
  • hi fi~ i have just come across a few of you previous entries... well... a LOT of grammar mistakes i must say. esp. in that "NO WAY..." entry. with that so-called english, i must say "NO WAY". you should have double checked your entry before posting it~ be careful next time.  you have studied in international school or whatever. your english SHOULD be better than that.
  • Alisu
  • Hiya, A fans from England :) I'm doing a research project in music and always listen to your song.<br/><br/>If you got time, do add me to your msn<br/>eve0317HOTMAIL .com<br/><br/>cheers!<br/><br/>have fun all the time!<br/>
  • 跌倒
  • 佢吠緊邊過呀?
  • rocafella
  • ayo<br/>aloha ~~<br/>it's me again<br/>lol<br/><br/>i just pass by and say "holla"<br/>lol<br/><br/>peace<br/>ryan<br/><br/>
  • 吉私蒂
  • 你的尻尻像很惡似的
  • rabbit
  • <p>Hi ! i am your fans!</p><p>i like your songs very much!!!!</p><p>i like your voice!!!</p>
  • pren@suka
  • hav a pet is kinda good sometimes but too bad i cant hav one......<br/><br/><br/>@_@<br/>
  • 小V
  • sweet fi fi。love u &your dog。它看起來好肚餓,fi fi唔好虐待小狗狗哦,^_^
  • 小微微
  • <p>支持妳呀?</p><p>多多努力,你最棒</p>
  • cheese
  • <em>so  qute</em>
  • mixkim
  • so gd~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
  • rocafella
  • oh ..finally i rmb wt i wanna tell ya <br/>lol<br/><br/>seems like i caught ya durin the BEP concert ~<br/>lol<br/>peace<br/>ryan <br/> <br/>
  • vin
  • <p>How cute the dog is!<img src="http://hk.yimg.com/i/icon/16/4.gif"></p><p>Fi,I hope you can study chinese well for the fact that not every one know english well ,specially the people live in homeland.</p><p>Wishing you be a happy girl for ever!</p>
  • aixonchan cky
  • <p>我好鐘意聽妳d歌yeah</p><p>我好鐘意聽妳d歌yeah</p><p>1234good ar</p><p>886 the best ar</p>
  • aixonchan cky
  • <p>我好鐘意聽妳d歌yeah</p><p>我好鐘意聽妳d歌yeah</p><p>1234good ar</p><p>886 the best ar</p>
  • Rose
  • <h4>Hi fI:</h4>
    <h4>Visit my blog and add comment to me la~<br/></h4>
  • aixonchan cky
  • <p>hi <br/>i am Aixon,can you give your msn to me</p><p>please</p> <p>please</p> <p>please</p> <p>please</p> <p>please</p> <p>please</p> <p>please my idol</p><p>please</p> <p>please</p> <p>please</p> <p>please</p> <p>please</p> <p>or add me(chankonyip1992HOTMAIL .com)</p><p>please</p> <p>please</p> <p>please</p> <p>please</p> <p>please</p> <p>please</p> <p>please 88</p>
  • §㊣§~型仔一族~~陳鍵鋒~§㊣§
  • <p>MSN好加我喇吓!!!!!!!!!!</p><p>MSN: laichikok2005msn .com</p>
  • &amp;quot;&amp;quot;,,雪﹑]]
  • wakaka~so  cute!>w<
  • kubiwan
  • <p>very cute dog~@@</p><p>but i like cats more than dogs</p><p>HAHA~</p>
  • 古巨基
  • <p>HI! FIONA I am your fans.</p><p>Your Dogs is very cute!!</p><p>If you have MSN.Please add me</p><p>MSN:a930000HOTMAIL .com           </p>
  • °家cC*❤-
  • halo**第一次泥*fiona**你隻狗狗好得2**
  • 這是私人回應
  • Mon
  • <p>Hi ~ Fiona<br/>我好鍾意你架~你可吾可以 send d相比我ar~ <br/>我好好好好好好鍾意你ar<br/>Msn: janicesshHOTMAIL .com <br/>e-mail: janicesshHOTMAIL .com or alcomaysonyahoo .com.hk <br/></p>
  • 莫B
  • OH MY GOD!好Q啊,我睇ENGLISH睇到眼花啊,救命,HELP ME!
  • 成
  • you're fucking lazy....
  • 這是私人回應
  • Tiffany
  • <p>your dog is really cute,fiona!</p> <p><br/>i saw you in TV today,you must be more hardwork in learning CHINESE!!!!!</p><p>keep going~!!!!And also you did very in the  new film ~i watch it yesterday,,is really good!!!!</p>
  • 雞翼
  • 你隻狗狗好qq呀~