my 1st time ridin on a crane ....up up she goes.... though i am normally so afraid of height i couldn't stop givin it a try when i saw my dear mommy (da one in the movie) "on on" havin so much fun on it ..... as they lifted me up i wanted to scream "faster faster" but then again i know it's not a ride in ocean park so i kept my mouth shut. but to ride on the crane looking back down at my house ( my house in da movie) was very romantic indeed ... it looked like this really
beautiful picture... how i missed it... 



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  • 十一
  • <p>嘩!!好勁</p>
  • gill
  • <p> dangerous woo.......</p><p> </p>
  • pren@suka
  • <p>lol ...juz get back from Kuala LUMPUR yesterday T_T ,sick ald but it's happy to c u adding new blog msg ^^ hav fun ^^</p><p> </p><p>^_^</p>
  • Tommy.G
  • <p>好可愛呀 ~~ FI FI ! </p><p>真係勁鍾意 "獅子座" D 女仔 ..哈哈 ~~ </p>
  • mickey
  • <strong><font color="#bf00bf">nice pics Fi~~ glad ur having fun~ havent seen u for a while~ miss u</font></strong>
  • 史上最強之節目主持人
  • <p><font color="#40007f">Hey Sit Hoi "Fay",</font></p><p><font color="#40007f">I have a surprise for you, please go to my blog at </font><a href=""><font color="#40007f"></font></a><font color="#40007f">!</font></p><p><font color="#40007f">Miss you and hope to seeing and work with you again soon and also please send my best regards to you folks!</font></p><p><font color="#40007f">Take care!  May Yee (Ada 姐) </font></p>
  • 猪手
  • 琪琪做乜穿拖鞋甘得意既,仲要系户外添!
  • 阿寶
  • so lovely , fi
  • L.C.M
  • <p>大攝影師,咁高,小心點呀!</p>
  • Larry劉建宏
  • wah......!!!!!
  • Larry劉建宏
  • wah......!!!!!
  • 自由行星
  • 一定好好玩......
    不過小心d 呀!!
  • PinK_HeArt
  • <p><font color="#8000ff">seems u have so much fun wor... haha... add oil la, can't wait to see it^^</font></p>
  • Gisn蒙蒙
  • 這麽高,小心一點啦!!!!!
  • MeKo
  • <p>見到第一張相...</p><p>嚇死我...</p><p>咁高...</p>
  • sherry
  • <p>hi Fiona</p><p>First time, posting in your blog. I just want to say, that I like listening to some off your songs, I especially like to listen to 886 and Tong But Lunk ... </p><p>Is this film called My Name is Fame ?? .. </p><p>Please can someone correct me what movie is this called ?</p><p>Because I wanna watch this movie ....... pleasssseeeee ..................</p><p> </p>
  • 朱建新
  • <p>新戲妳做余安安個女?</p><p>張相影得妳好清純</p>
  • 呀 青
  • 呀fi真係好靚啊,d相相(卡娃衣呢)
  • 犀利豬
  • well~~ is rare to play like this.......<br />i thought u're really excited ~~~<br />
  • cannady
  • waiting ur movie'''  BE Hardworking!!!
  • fish
  • <p>SUCH A BETTER DAY!</p><p>SURPORT U 4EVER!</p>
  • c.lai
  • It looks a bit dangerous! Hahaha, be careful =P
  • <p>so glad that ar FI u update yr blog within a short time...</p><p>I as well as u...both so afraid of height... LOL</p>
  • Chris﹒糖
  • <p>fiona小心啊......fans們會為你擔心架...</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>十卜fiona!!!!!!</p>
  • amanda. Lee DaQian
  • ~~lovely fifi  beautiful mummy ~~
  • Natalie
  • crezi
  • hope u can finish the drama more quickly and reappear in the music field as soon as possible~
  • 林怡 ,,*
  • <p><font color="#ff7f00">欣住仆倒呀~!</font></p>
  • freakyyy
  • and everybody...and including fiona ! can come visit my blog <a style="font-weight:bold;color:rgb(0, 0, 0);background-color:rgb(128, 255, 0);" href=""></a><br />because i dunno how to use this yahoo blog...only made it so i can reply on fiona's blog !!<br />
  • freakyyy
  • first time writing here...<br />a real big fan of yours over here in australia...hoping you all the best...<br /><br />
  • 發din俠@湯貴婦
  • 事事小心...
    好miz u a!!!!
  • Victor
  • <p>It was really a funny experience to you...</p>
  • 小寒
  • 终于更新了!好想你!!
  • 阿峯
  • hoho <br />i am no.2
  • kel~
  • <p>升到咁高.....</p><p>小心整親呀..!</p><p>整親我地會好傷心架!!</p>